Our Privacy Policy

What do you need to know about your privacy on our site:
1. We do not share, sell, or somehow trade your privacy or your private data, IP, what ever.
2. We can't guarantee that whole website data will be protected, because of the lack of professionalism in security subjects (we are not security experts).
3. If you care about your data please do next:
- Never ever post your real data (first / last name), photos on our forum.
- Before uploading anything (screenshots) or links, few times before posting - check the link, or image, or whatever file you trying to share with internet community before posting.
Otherwise, it's will be your fault if you will leak something really important to you.
4. If you wish to remove some of your posts or even whole account, all that you need to do - just contact us, and we will do it.
5. We can send email advertising related to our projects to your email, but you can always unsubscribe and never will receive any notifications from us.
6. We're hosted in Canada, and GDPR is not applied to us. But we can help you to control all of your data (if we physically can do that) for you.
7. We do not collect or analyze data what you're doing on our server or forum, we do not give a fuck about it. Please consider it as the main point. We really do not care what you're doing if you do not violate laws or forum/server rules.
8. We can collect only visitors counter without knowing about that exactly you visiting our server.
9. We technically collect your IP addresses and time to time cookies related to our server, just to protect our forum from spammers, or flooders, or people who do illegal content or things. We using these data for blocking access to our community.
10. Administrators NEVER EVER will ask for any of your personal data. Never. Please do not answer with requests related to your personal data, etc.

We do not guarantee anything. Use the forum at your own risk.
If you do not trust us on the points voiced above-do not use our product.