02 Februrary 2019 - Update #4

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    We planning to release the update at the 10:00 UTC update #4 with implementing your suggestions and fixing found issues (a few problematic parts). Also will be applied changes related to WoE.

    If you think something is missing, and you wish to add something to update, please make sure that you will leave feedback on the forum (via Support Tickets, or topic in suggestions category).

    The server will be offline for around 10 minutes during the maintenance.
    Again: Saturday (02 Feb 2019) at 13:00 UTC (by server time) the server will be restarted.

    Changelog will be posted in the topic when the update will be released.
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    Dorams can't wear Halter (mounts) anymore due to issues related to errors. Also, you can't wear mounts if you wear Costume Garment. (This is okay behavior, and can't be changed due to client restrictions)

    Added a new Proxy servers to the game for ASIA region.

    Since this update, characters below 90 level can't be removed anymore, this is for our internal security purposes. Also, you will have a 24-hours delay before you can remove your character.

    Disguise Event NPC moved a little bit to another place (for a better view for players)

    We have launched a large-scale advertising campaign, and in honor of this, we extend the receipt of starter kits (tickets) for all new players.

    Administrators will write in orange text since now on our server, also optionally added info to antiscam informer about bad people and how to avoid them.

    Pet improvements:
    • Increased feeding rate
    • Added @petinfo command with all important for your information.
    • Pets now will help you in battle if they're loyal, pets do not ignore plant's immunity anymore.
    • Now you can buy all the food for pets from Pets Machine in the Prontera.
    • We've checked all pets and fixed found problems on some of them.

    Dead Branch Room
    • Increased renting time from 30 minutes up to 120 minutes (2 hours)
    • DB Room improvements: Now you will warp to a static coordinate on the map instead of a random one.
    • DB Room: Added healer with 3 minutes delay to heal.
    • DB Room: Added command @branchroom to direct warp to the room (but pass is not removed, it's a feature).


    • if you close enough to Kafra (in her range) you can make savepoint where you want, but if too far = Kafra will save you in the right place.
    • Added @load command for everyone to return back to the savepoint. But the command works exactly like @go and has its restrictions.
    Also, @noks is now available in the game.

    WoE related changes:

    Customized Treasure chest drops:
    • WoE 1.0 = @mi 1350, WoE 2.0 = @mi 1940 and @mi 1324.
    • We think this is a good amount of rewards if you have invested in your castle.
    • We made some math related to the drop, how many treasures spawned, how many treasures per week you can get.
    • This is just a good drop. If you think it's still too small = we do not agree.
    • The amount is high enough if you conquered the castle, protect it and work for it, and then every day you can withdraw the rewards.
    Dorams can't join WoE or BG.

    To warper added all castle menus what you can use to warp to the specific castle.

    • Also, this is just first update related to WoE, we want your adequate feedback about WoE and how to make it better, and we will happy to implement your suggestions if they're supported by the community and not just kill the server economy in short perspective.
    • Added Information about Previous WoE stats (median informer)
    • Stats about WoE will reset before next WoE. ArsRO - Ragnarok Online Private Server: WOE Ranking

    BG: Temporary fix against crashes, guild icons will not be displayed during BG. In the next update, we will try to figure out what is going on and how to avoid it. We think, that the problem somehow related to the client itself, not to our server part.

    Updated trade permission for rewards from daily reward system (some of it was not possible to throw into storage)

    Cataquester got a new list of quests for you:

    • 5137 Alice Doll[1] (very powerful item in the game)
    • 5186 Geographer Band
    • 5286 Pecopeco Hairband
    • 5192 Yellow Ribbon
    • 5537 Kwati Hat
    • 5200 Coppola
    • 5205 Emperor's Laurel Crown
    • 5206 Romantic Flower
    • 5227 Red Deviruchi Hat
    • 5228 Gray Deviruchi Hat
    • 5457 Moon Rabbit Hat
    • 5490 Anubis Helm

    We haven't had time to implement some suggestions.
    Write to us if you need help, or need to implement something, or report about something.
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  4. Lucky

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    The server is up and running fine. Update #4 installed on the server.
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