13 July 2019 Update #7

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    Update 07 - Changelog:


    Before writing about the update, you need to understand these things:
    • This update has a very big changelog of solved technical problems and we focused mostly on the technical side rather than content one
    • A lot of changes will also get applied to the next update, in the current one we can't apply them yet because of time and amount of work that has already done.
    • In the next update, we will be more focused on contents rather than on the technical side.

    New Prontera
    New locations of NPCs.




    Cataquester is on vacation. Meet Jennifer, she is a nice Quester whom has a great deal of quests for the next period.


    Added more than 30 new headgear quests.

    Override mob names from iRO to original kRO to make sure that monster names in NPCs and what you see in the game have the same name (there are two versions for historical reasons), now we hope it will solve some kind of problems and will help to avoid confusion.

    Fixed teleportation issues for Beelzebub and Satan Morroc which force MVPs stuck or very rarely use teleportation skills (once per 5 minutes for example). (requested by players)

    Added headgears for Autospell fun (when hit cast bolts) like:
    Magic Rabit hat (ID 5503, and ID 5561), and ported to our server from renewal mechanic, it's pretty interesting but dangerous in clever hands, CD in Mouth (ID 18666). All of these items can be found in the Quest Shop.
    Added Angeling Hat (10% from demi-humans) to quest shop (ID 5132)
    Added Jewelry Box for 300 CashPoints to Cash Shop.
    This is a fair rate because of the drop inside the box. It's a lottery.

    • Turned off effects of falling sakura in the Prontera.
    • Fixed an issues with a Wounded Morroc.
    • Fixes an issue with Weapon Forging.

    We fixed and implemented around 75-80% of players suggestions and also fixed most issues reported by players. There are two parts of problems: What you can trace by yourself, and a place where only the submitter of the Support Ticket and us can see the problem. We've greatly reduced and solved a lot of things to make everyone happy. But we still have more work to do.

    • Each NPC has been re-optimized here and there (Guild Locations, different other npcs, Hunting Missions, Quest Shop, Events, and so on).
    • Please even if you do not "see" a change, it doesn't mean that there are no changes, we simply hurry very much and right now do not have enough time to trace all changes for last several months to post them into one topic. There are a lot of them (mostly technical side).

    Endless Cellar:

    We've added a new challenging Endless Cellar. This is an instance similar to Endless Tower, has lots of floors and much stronger monsters. You can find it though Warper (Instances).
    Only a strong party can survive through the challenge :foxyghost:

    • At least 1 player in a party
    • A lot of potions
    • Nerve of steel

    Guild Locations:


    Rewritten and modified, improved, more affordable, as well as optimized and properly configured. This is only the beginning in the development of private premium locations.
    You can get all the information from the NPC: Base Receptionist


    Our plan for update #8: Suggestions and Bugreports :foxfriend:

    In-Game Channels and Discord


    Added in-game channels. Send pm in game to: #main or #support or #trade
    And everyone in the game, and not only (in Discord too) will see your messages.
    You can also write from the Discord and everyone in the game will see you.
    This is not something new, you're already know that we had it from the start. But because of awful spammers and some technical issues we turned the feature off. Let's see how it will work for now, if we will found there any problems, we will turn it off again. Last time.

    Link: Join the ArsRO Discord Server!

    Stay tuned for more updates, and happy gaming!
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