19 March 2019 Update #6

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    Hello. We bring to your attention the first part of a major update which we called "Update 06", the second part, "Update 07", we will soon implemente on the server.

    What is update 06?
    This solves many problems what we faced and where we stuck to fix. This is very important to prepare the project for a new major update 07. Without this update impossible to finish update 07.

    The list of changes makes little sense to write, they are all technical, and there are several dozen. Let me say briefly we tried to solve as many of the problems reported earlier than we can, and this action unties our hands within the next big update provide awesome features to the server. (Please run patcher always).

    This update has no new content, new content will be in new updates.
    But in this update, we changed the location of our server from North America to Europe.
    For the players of our project, it will not reflect this in terms of access to the game, or lags. Also - we completed the Saint Valentines event.

    Thank you very much for your patience. We will address all suggestions and bug reports and support tickets (to be clear 90% of them finished already, only 10% left) in the next big release. Keep tuned! :foxydancing::foxstalk:
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Thread Status:
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