26 January 2019 - Update #3

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    Here we will post changelog what is just right now under verification and checking.
    We plan to restart the game server in 1 hour (06:00 AM UTC) (London Time)
    Server maintenance will take around 10 minutes of your time (the server will offline during this period), then you will be able to login to an updated server with a lot of implemented suggestions and small fixes.

    We're working right now on changelog list. :foxyoioi::foxstalk:
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    Please run patcher! :foxdrop::foxcute::foxani:

    Added Proxy Servers

    Asia Optimized one with low latency to SEA region, and regular alternative proxy server for people who experience latency issues to the main server or connection issues.
    Please always use it if for some reason can't connect to the server or if you have "lags"
    Details: About Proxy System

    Garment Costume Converter:

    Added garments converter to the customer (convert costume garments from garments (ID 44500-44507)).
    Please be careful, because cards & refine level will be removed when the item is converted into costume.

    Rebalanced Dorams:

    (please check changelog related to dorams below)
    We've spent around 8-10 hours with Anhell for testing and fixing issues after previous nerf what we start with Exi, and I continued myself locally while was not in home.

    The results are below:
    1. Doram is fully playable while doesn't look too dangerous or powerful like earlier. But you can safely level up yourself easily.
    2. All skills have been tested and verified, you must understand that.
    3. Doram is powerful enough in terms of PVM (it will not be able to kill MVPs like other classes, or like it did on the start), but Doram requires some equipments to be really powerful enough.
    4. Many problems have been solved in the last update, in this, we have only increased the damage of some skills in this class.

    Changed Skills (%):
    - Picky Peck: 250 + Skill Lv * 50
    - Lunatic Carrot Beat: 200 + Skill Lv * 100
    - Spirit Of Savage: 500 + Skill Lv * 100
    - Silvervine Stem Spear: 700
    - Catnip Meteor: 150 + 50 * Skill Lv


    Please note:
    - @go 30 and talk to Doram Guide to get all information about equipment and where you can get them.
    - Please note, that some skills (damage ATK% ones) very good with 3 slot Foxytail-weapons.

    So, finally, the class is okay, playable and fun, and do not cause any problem to PVM or PRE-RE mechanic.

    Prolonged Newbies Freebies event up to 29 January 2019.

    Pets Machine now sell food for pets in zeny currency.

    - Hunting Missions: Clock Tower Manager and Orc Baby are now removed from hunted monsters.
    - Arrow Crafter: Fixed quest for Frozen Arrow item.
    - Added Elemental Arrows to Consumables NPC.

    El Dicastes (13.3)

    • Added Dicastes mobs to dic_fild01, and dic_fild02, El Dicastes maps are also added to Warper.
    • But not episode, we will not add this NPC and storyline, quests, etc.
    • It's out of our vision of the project, but mobs just okay, and their drops too.

    About mobs:
    • It's Bradium Golem (2024), Dolomedes (2092).
    • No cards or other content that exist in RENEWAL will be being ported to our server.
    • But we know what you want, you can get Bradium Items (shield / acc), now they are available since today's update.
    • Added skills to all mobs from unofficial brasilis and el dicastes episodes for pre-renewal mechanic.

    Added Quest for Infinite Fly Wing
    • This is the item that won't be deleted after usage, so you can use infinite amount of time to teleport, 0 weight.
    • Fixed many non-working hats with effect (instead of displaying them) they did not show any sprite.
    • Also fixed sprite related issues, and error messages, for next items ID's 41280;41281;41283;41474;41639;41675;41699;41709 and these headgears added to quest shop. (Preview button for this headgears is not available, so small gif below, demonstrate headgears effects #11)
    • Added some headgears to the game (see below), some of them did not display effects earlier.
    • Baseball Hat (5199) added to Quest Shop.

    Synced item names with our server and client-side:
    • To make them identical on both sides. So you will no longer see any difference in @mobinfo and for example item in the inventory. (old iRO format, a mix of kRO formats, and a mix of jRO / bRO / custom), now all items will be named exactly like on client-side.

    Battlegrounds related changes:

    Ars Coins now added as a reward in BG events! (Yes, you read it right!)
    Depends on event reward will be different (5-10 Ars Coins per round).
    We carried out calculations, and we are satisfied with the current state of affairs with current rewards.
    We can't go above, due to people who do afk farming.

    • In an hour you can spend up to 6-7 rounds BG. 6-7 * 5 \ 10 = 30-70 Ars Coins per hour.
    • Add to this hunting missions, event rewards, and MVP System, and also from other systems.
    • And you will understand that it's very easy to get Ars Coins on the server.
    • Also, Cyr castle has been replaced by Vidblainn castle in Conquest mode (because Cyr is too large).
    • BG: Emperium / Barricades HP increased in 2x times

    Details about server currencies: Server Currencies and Server Specific Features


    Temporary solution - it will allow you to warp to maps with MVP's for non-VIP members too for some time.
    We are not sure for how long, the warper issue is still under internal discussion right now.

    VIP System:
    3 Days VIP Contract item is now tradable.
    Also, we have updated all client item description related to item permissions to correct values.

    Added NPC with basic information for people who just forgot to be careful with other people.
    Please read the text in the Beware of Fraud NPC.

    Added fun online4point system

    Stay as much as you can in the game, and win the increased drop rate from mobs. Vendors and autotraders are also affected with reduced rate.
    The increased drop rate bonus can't be stacked.
    Details: @onlinepoint & @exchangepoint

    Updated several guides, or example:
    Server Currencies and Server Specific Features and others.

    More Freebies - Daily Reward System!
    Added Daily Freebies, the reward will be bound to your account.
    • The Rewards are given randomly, by some chance, this gives you more rewards and coins if you log in every day.
    • In the future, we will improve the system and make it more interesting.
    • Just log in every day and play, and daily rewards will grow too.

    DB Room: We made a little more easy to see in chat between other messages about the password for the room.
    Pets will not scream anymore when they are hungry in chat. So please do not forget to feed them...

    Channel System
    Added #global channel without any language restrictions where anyone can speak on their native language,
    But #main will be for English Only.

    Added links and rules and important information when you log in to the game.

    About WoE

    1. WoE Information and Time
    Not actual anymore. And we can start to prepare based on your suggestions the WoE on the second week.
    Day, time, castle, woe type, capacity, optional parameters on you.
    I mean you decide what you want. We will happy to customize it for reaching your wishes.

    2. Since February 01 we will start a massive advertising campaign.
    We're not able to do it earlier because of the end of advertising session.

    3. We have around 5 guilds who are waiting for woe, or join the server (they have contacted me).
    On this week I will try to talk with these guild leaders again to join WoE.
    So stay tune and prepare yourself!
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