28 September 2019 - Update #9

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    New Prontera


    We hope you will enjoy the new experience with a new autumn Prontera.


    Some NPC's changed their positions a little bit, but not too much, we hope you will find it entertaining and will enjoy.

    Battlegrounds Changes

    The focus of this update to make battlegrounds better.
    We spent a lot of our time to manually review each game, and fix all found bugs (many of them).
    We've played many dozens of game hours to find any pitfalls that we can find, and make it more user-friendly and better, fix common issues, and so on.

    There are hundreds of fixes. But we will try to tell about the most visible parts:
    • BG right now similar to WoE (with emblem of team above the head)
    • Fixed all crashes of clients, and also crashes of game-server.
    • Fixed announces, information part related to games.
    • Manually reviewed EACH game, and fixed issues with respawns, with skill usage, damage against barricades or other structures, and so on.
    • Fixed tons of bugs with Emp, Barricade, Guardian stones inside BG matches.
    • Added new flags which illustrate to whom castle belongs in Conquest or Rush
    • Fixed warps, item rewards from BG, corrected balance with required members to start a game.
    • Fixed issues with class restrictions who can join the match.

    Added new options to Battle Recruiter for making party registration to BG, instead of single registrations.
    • Fixed issues with @go 15 and added @gobg command for fast access to the BG map.
    • Tons of changes related to Erundek, Telma, basic NPC's and their loot.
    • We drop our old shops of Telma which sold item in packs, now you can select how many packs you can buy classically. (but old item packs will work too)

    • Added a lot of suggested loot items to Telma Shop, like Arena coins, and also many consumables that you can use OUTSIDE the BG too (some of them, not all).
    • We have made a lot of changes to bring new life to BG. We've planned to add more extra interesting features in this update, but we will postpone them for later releases because it will consume abnormal time, so better to release updates faster, instead of waiting weeks before the next update.
    • Triple Inferno's required kill counter has been reduced from 40 to 20 kills, the same related to Deathmatch from 50 to 25. Note: only for low online, if our server online will grow, we will increase these requirements.
    • Allowed queues everywhere except if you're not in BG. You can now use @joinbg everywhere. Be aware though, if we found any abuse of this feature, we will turn it off.
    • To motivate players playing BG and joining events, everyone by default will see all announces, but you can turn them off by using @bglisten & @eventlisten.
    • Also fixed hp display issues related to updating your team-member's hp while playing BG games.
    • Surprise Old Red Box - will give Headgear Box (which gives you 1 random headgear from costumes ones)
    • Fixed ranks related to BG, fixed bugs with top bg players and increased rewards for them.
    • Added happy hours for BG matches. (+20% to rewards). Mon,Wed,Fri 16:00 - 18:00; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 20:00 - 22:00.
    • Every Friday at 06:00 - rank reset.
    • Added food items to Telma, and removed food buffs related to +10 foods from healer on BG.
    • Turned off classic non-working NPC's in BG entrance room.
    • Minor technical changes (dozens of them) related to Battlegrounds.

    We hope, that you will enjoy the upgraded version of the BG. :foxyoioi:
    We have an extra few plans left related to the BG, but you will see these changes in one of the next updates.
    As you see there are a lot of changes related to BG, our top priority was to make it stable, playable, interesting, bug-free, and more fun.
    We hope, we did it in this update.

    Events and entertainment-related changes
    • Treasure Event (Captain Black) no more killing Niflheim MVP.
    • [MVP Invasion]: Event fixed, now it will work properly.
    • Event: All skills disabled on novice vs zombie, and run for your life events.
    • Event: Novice vs Zombie flood of monsters fixed.
    • Fixed bug with abra event and abra asura events accessories related to bonuses outside the event.
    • Added around 40 extra items to Event Reward Shop.

    We plan to add extra events in the next updates.
    They're a little bit raw for this update and require a little bit more time to make sure that they will be fine on the server.

    Misc Changes

    Early birds gifts prolonged up to 01 December 2019
    Ars Online - Midrate Ragnarok Server 150x 150x 50x Rates.

    • @whodrops and @mobinfo now will display the same and correct drop chance and rate from monsters.
    • Fixed that Boitata is no dropping MVP Voucher, now the monster will drop it.
    • Fixed bug with Cast Cancel skill.
    • Fixed fame for refining point.
    • Costumes: It is now possible to wear them without restrictions.
    • @go 27, and @go 28 fixed (Splendide and Manuk direct @go warp) which earlier did not work properly.
    • Fixed Escape not working with knockback.
    • Channel System "You typing too fast" must be fixed now.
    • Turned off command for all: @viewmobinfo
    • Enabled by default hp bars (native one) for all monsters.
    • Fixed for lvl4 weapons quest bug.
    • Pets now will use their skills when they're loyal (like smokie and other pets)
    • Added Giant Fly Wings Box (10x) to the cash shop
    • Removed Volcano Scroll from Kasa and added to Imp with 10% chance (check Ice Titan for Deluge, and Imp for Volcano)
    • Piece of Fish - now can be sold to the shop.
    • Added Grape Juice to the Tool Dealer
    • BugFix: remove after logout gospel spells to avoid stacking of these statuses (which was a big bug).
    • Fixed some problems reported earlier with some achievements.
    • Added Arena Coin to Consumables shop. The item replaces zeny skill requirements (for CT for example, or Mammonite). You can reduce zeny consumption by using this item instead of zeny.
    • Added @hold command for stopping movement and returning back movement.
    • Review US NPC now will shoot some information from time to time with common info about the server.

    As you see we fixed all problems, and suggestions on forum and in support tickets.
    Also, we did traced all feedbacks at Discord PMs to avoid any missed feedback, and almost all of them (95%+) has been implemented/fixed.

    Doram Related:


    We've got some suggestions related to dorams like a monster in dungeons and that these monsters OP.
    We did reduced their HP, reviewed levels, def, mdef, experience, and so on. The suggestion from the support ticket is fully implemented.


    Now the instance for dorams much easier, and dorams can obtain items much faster with fun. Thank you for the feedback.

    • Also, we fixed some bugs related to atk, and matk bonuses related to dorams.
    • Also several skills and fixed their skill descriptions to correct ones
    • Fixed Jungle Madragora drop for Doram equipment
    • Event: Doram's Hide skill will not work in event map (abra and asura) (on other maps skills blocked)

    Many other issues (small ones) fixed too related to Dorams class.
    There is no sense to explain them all.

    Guild and WoE related changes
    One of the most important changes in this update related to castles and WoE.
    Earlier we did not have a way on the live server to switch castles and their owners, but now we can.


    That means we can rotate castles by the user's suggestions easily.
    • Also, we added warper to guild dungeon NPC which will work only for castle owners, instead of going into the castle, you need just to talk to the NPC in the Prontera.
      Note: The NPC will not work while WoE is on.
    • Also added extra rewards for people who doing WoE. This is small but surprise rewards will be okay in our opinion for participants of WoE.
    • Castles switched: From Vidblainn to Mardol, from old WoE 1.0 castle to Aldebaran 4 castle, owners transferred to these castles too.
    • Added security checks for players inside the castle. No more dual windows in the castle.

    Related to guild locations:
    - Fixed problems with monster teleportation and branch issues.
    - Any guild member can now summon an MVP.
    - Small fixes here and there.

    Ultimate Part based on one very nice player suggestions

    We bring a lot of cool stuff based on some player suggestions, we hope that you will enjoy them too as well as we did.
    These suggestions are mostly content-oriented, and bring a new wave of bright emotions to the server.
    In short: We have added several items, headgears, pets, palettes, hairstyles, and a very nice quest.
    Let's explain each thing 1 by 1.

    New items (hand-made):

    Nidhogg Helm.


    This headgear is very good.
    You can try to obtain it via hard and very interesting quest, or via cash shop, if you wish.
    The beginning of the quest you can find in the Prontera. Talk to Draco Egg.


    Please read the description of the item, it works in combo with Nydhogg's Shadow Garb

    Cookie Luv - Another hand-made item that makes you look awesome.

    New 2 nice styles for the stylist. (displayed 1 just for traffic)

    via GIPHY

    Also, we decided to add an extra 470(!!!) very nice clothes styles (premium stylist) which make your cloth style nice and beautiful.
    Total cloth styles right now > 1000!


    Added new nice hairstyles for girls and boys as well too (total hairstyles 89)

    via GIPHY

    Please check the stylist, you will find which one (last one).

    Added 3 new pets

    via GIPHY



    Valkyrie Randrigs

    via GIPHY

    Celine Kimi


    You can find it at Pet Manager or in the cash shop.
    Also fixed problems with New Year Doll pet sprite which provoke errors and crashes.

    Another Misc Changes List:


    To Jeniffer's quest shop, we added new 15 headgears quests (based on suggestions).
    Also, we manually review of each headgear in the quest shop to make sure their descriptions are correct.
    Some of the items has been corrected and improved (there is no list, sorry about that).
    Summary: Around 500+ items reviewed manually to make sure that they have the correct description.

    Fixed annoying problems with skill tree for Lord Knights and leveling skills like Spiral Pierce.

    Added around 230 headgears to cash shop (beautiful ones)

    Added around 40x (120x total) headgears to MVP reward shop, hunting missions, and event rewards.

    Gepard Shield has been updated to the newest version.

    Fitting Manager can be found in Izlude Town. Now you are able to enter any headgear ID and preview it. Useful for cash shop items, quest items, and other items preview how it will look on you.

    We look forward to see you in game, happy gaming~
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  2. Mark

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    Looking good. Thanks Lucky /gawi
  3. Lucky

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    The game server is up.
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  4. Lahkesis

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    @Lucky May I ask what type of Weapon level 4 quest is this? is this type 1 or 2? Is the bug related to just one NPC or how is being played (guessing game)?


    Yeeees!! I can finally get rid of it from my storage!!! YEEES!!!!!



    SOO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!!! *screaaamiiing*!!! :foxxd::foxhideplz::boku029:
  5. Pyre

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    Lucky, I know you guys just released the update, but did you add a teleport to Scaraba and Lasagna Dungeons, and Lasagna Fields somewhere...? i-i I didn't find it in the NPC ):

    EDIT: actually, now that we can kill them normally, the lack of warp in the npc is not so bad, as Warp Portal is still enabled on these dungeons. I love being able to kill those things without having to go full tryhard Asura Strike LOL
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  6. Miles

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    I love these changes! Well done and thank you!!
  7. Anhell

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    seems cool
  8. Toph

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    Sorry for the delay checking in Lucky.

    Had a lot of preparing to move home going on. The update info looks good at a glance, I'll read it all later and sign in later today too.

    Edit: I have one suggestion though, not sure if this has been done or not.

    Turn off events from happening all the time. There was this message about every 5 minutes that "not enough players for the event to start." It made the server seem empty when it isn't. Why not change it so that only advertises events when there is enough players queued in it? I think it would be better.
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  9. Pyre

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    If the event is not advertised, players won't queue. If they don't queue, the events will not have enough players anyway xD
  10. Lucky

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    Hi, sorry for the delays, hmm, I think we can figure out how to make it less flood.
    Btw, there are commands like @eventlisten, and @bglisten in the game, which designed especially for skipping messages from event or bg announcements spam.
  11. Toph

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    I'll use them. I want the best for the server, it is just that the messages, they were quite often and maybe gave a wrong impression to some new players.

    It is sometimes hard to get the ball rolling, as a old saying goes. But I'll see how I can help get here some positive attention^^
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