31 October 2019 - Update #10, Halloween

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    We are proud to introduce for you update #10.
    In this update, we focused on your suggestions and feedback, support tickets, bug reports and implemented almost all your wishes. Let's dig in.

    New Prontera
    Outside the window is already autumn, the leaves turned yellow, and the central city of Rune Midgard repainted in the same shades, autumn tints.


    Battlegrounds Changes:

    Fixed all problems with barricades, guardian stones, emperiums, missing healer effects, and so on with BG. More details:
    • [BG] body relocation now blocked on BG maps
    • [BG] emp, guardian stones HP reduced in 3x times for guardians, 3x for emperiums
    • [BG] Changed parameters of monsters, impossible now to cast tarot card and any other skills simply will not possible to cast on emp at all
    • [BG] impossible to heal fully HP of emperiums with any heal skills, because they are now Battle Class monsters.
    • [BG] /ns /nc bug looks like fixed, no more need to use /nc /ns to hit allied or enemy guild in BG.
    • [BG] capture the flag, stone control healer fixed, now it will buff players there.
    • [BG] Added Acorn Jelly item to Telma Shop (removes Reverse Orchish effect).

    MVP related changes:
    ArsRO Rules: ArsRO - Ragnarok Online Private Server: Terms of Service


    And this turned into a drama.


    By following players suggestions we made several big changes related to MVP monsters, like:
    1. Rules Not changed.
    2. But now on MVP respawn maps mobs can't teleport, it will help to avoid force teleport actions from enemy hunting group.
    3. At the same time added a restriction to these maps like no usage of go, or any other teleport to savepoint methods like /memo and so on. It will help (maybe temporary, maybe permanently) against issues between players.
    Extra Changes:

    [Sealed Shrine] Great Demon Baphoet - added ars coins reward after killing the monster.

    [MVP] bloody branch quest requirements reduced.

    We think that these changes can help to avoid almost all problems related to MVP competition. We're against following players while they hunting MVP's and be always near to check who is right and who is wrong in different cases. Sorry, but MVP's pretty rare monsters with pretty rare equipment and items which many people want. How do we suppose to know who is right in different cases and who is wrong? We can't, that why we have rules what we have. We did in this update the best what we can do to avoid different problems with the MVP competition questions.

    Items and Quest Shop


    In this update we do not present new items, we corrected many reported items and resort the all items in Jennifers Quest Shop by their bonuses, and equip location. Yes, sorting is not perfect, because many items have different bonuses together like INT + DEX, we do not know where put an item into DEX or into INT collection? So if you can't find the item in one collection, try then to find it in another by using basic status parameters in the item that you're looking for.

    • [Item] Stem in Mouth fixed position of the item.
    • [Item]: snipper goggles, minstrel hat, a whisper of wind, reissue Schmitz helm changed item bonus and description (restricted to special classes)
    • [Jenifer Quest Shop]: now will display slots of items (requirements).
    • Fixed many descriptions, incorrect positions, and so on for different items
    • No new items in this update.

    Different Mixed:
    • Fixed duplicate messages from the server whisper.
    • Chase Walk, gangster paradise will not work in event maps.
    • Fixed castle drop for all castles. Now all castles will have the same drop.
    • skid trap removed 3 seconds delay (movement) official thing. Reported by a player.
    • [Guild Base]: hotfix not only guild leaders can now spawn MVPs on the location.
    • basejob, jobexp for VIPs will be displayed correctly
    • WoE Controller will announce when warped to savepoint
    • Corrected castle drop for all castles. (see P.S.)


    Halloween Event 2019 on ArsRO! Let's celebrate together!
    In the center of Prontera you can find Halloween Hunter NPC.
    Talk to him to get info about your mission for this great holiday.

    Collect pumpings and exchange them for rewards.
    The event will work from today up to Sunday 10 November 2019.

    P.S. Info:
    • We plan to release guild packages, and extra systems and content in the next update soon. We will switch to a quick update model instead of big updates with big delays between them.
    • Guild owners who owned castles for some time, contact me please in PM, this is about compensation for your guild members. I need to know your guild when you capture the castle and for how long you did keep it.
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    The server up and running, you can try to connect now.
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