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About Proxy System

Discussion in 'About The Server' started by Lucky, Jan 23, 2019.

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    Proxy server system


    What is it and why is it needed?
    The answer is described here: read a wall of text
    TL;dr: Under certain conditions, it can reduce the delays in the game, and help bypass Internet connection problems by choosing a completely different server through which you will connect to the game.

    How can I test my latency to these servers?

    • - main proxy server
    • - alternative proxy
    • - Asia optimized proxy server

    Simply, just try to play under different proxy servers, maybe with one of them, you will feel no lags in the game. Our main proxy server has Tier1 Network (in short, it's the premium class of network) with very good latency over the world, so usually in many cases, you need better to stick to a first proxy server in the list. And only if you experience any connection issues to the main proxy server - pick any other on which you're comfortable and feel fewer delays /lags/problems.

    In simple words:
    • For example, if you are from Asia, then it is advisable to use a proxy server (asia optimized).
    • If you can not connect to the server - select another proxy server
    • If you experience lags in the game, select another proxy server.

    For players from the SEA region, basically we can significantly reduce delays to our project, which will help you play comfortably.
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    Many RO servers only have one main access point which is bad for anyone outside of the US (lag and frequent disconnects.) It is good there are alternatives here. I could not play on other RO servers well in the past because random lag disconnects would make some guild activities like endless tower impossible to stay in.
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