Reject Add Glorious Equipment to BG, yes/no?

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Should we add Glorious Items to Battlegrounds?

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  1. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Guys, as you know, we don't have glorious equipment from BG to our shop.
    What is glorious equipment? This is a very powerful equipment for BG.
    Do we need to add these items to BG? (I'm not asking about a price, the price will be big to all of these items, I'm asking about affecting the game by these items because of these items very powerful in my personal opinion).
  2. Ernie

    Ernie Well-Known Member

    Can't even get a Bradium earing because BG doesn't run gonna gte the glorious equips. Theres alot to be fixed instead of implementing this, to me yes or no it wouldn't change a thing since badge ratio suck and the little you get is used on BG mats or expensive Woe mats.
  3. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    I'm sorry, but I'm not agree with you, there are a lot of already fixed, and only small patches left (minor ones).
    What about BG, I see many players in the game who do BG regularly every single day, even today in the morning 4vs4 BG.
  4. Ernie

    Ernie Well-Known Member

    You wont find more than a 5v5 in Bg. tripple inferno sucks and eats all the mats , conquest they just wait until the timer goes of , rush emperium just breaks in 5 hits, deathmatch lol ..... , cant ecall , cant see colors , but yeah BG is great and in optimum circumstances to Glorious items . You got that +1 from me.
    Also you doing a poll on forums when no body uses it.
  5. rrtr

    rrtr Active Member

    No, glorious equpments are too much OP.

    Agree with Ernie, hope these things get fixed in the next update.
    Lucky, consider removing triple inferno please.
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  6. Batcat

    Batcat Active Member

    I think the only difference between the current BG gear (Valorous) and Glorious is that Glorious are level 4 weapons and have additional effects if you refine at +6 and at +9. On a server where BG is barely active you want to implement gear that will be "the price will be big to all of these items".
    There's no point as no one will have enough badges to farm a lot of these to refine. Any badges people who actually BG have right now go straight to consumables or maybe save up for a scarf/proxy.
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  7. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Okay, for some time we will not add Glorious Equipment, Thank you for your voting.
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