Reject Allow soul linkers to cast soul link on themselves

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugreports' started by SWAMP GOBLIN, Sep 18, 2019.

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    Presently, soul linkers require the assistance of another soul linker to be able to use 'ka' buffs (reflect magic/evade attacks) on players other than themselves. I believe this imposes a needless restriction on the utility of soul linkers and a needless inconvenience.

    One alternative is to have two soul linkers play together in guild competition. Given the small size of the server, and how uncommon soul linkers are in guild competition, I do not believe this is a reasonable expectation.

    The other solution is to dual client another soul linker - but is this necessary? It might make sense as a requirement if soul linkers could have their link dispelled, but that isn't possible. It seems to me as if there are no good arguments to require soul linkers to dual client to function properly in team play.
  2. Pyre

    Pyre Active Member

    Also, the duration of Soul Link is long enough that an Emergency Recall should be nearly always ready to re-summon the "dual-cliented" SL, so even if you only use it to click your main SL and leave it to die, you'd always have the other one ready anyway, even in WoE modes (or you can just buff in the city before you enter the castle).

    For non-PVP environments, that's basically just quality of life. Sounds good!
  3. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    What if Soul link to self will work in PVP, bg, woe maps? Will it be a problem?
  4. It would make Soul Linker a more interesting class to play in BG/WoE as a supporter without the worry of being useless (despite maybe hard to kill).

    It might force lazy CC to bring crystal fragments to WoE :foxcrying:
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  5. Lahkesis

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    I disagree with this. This will make Soul linkers dominate the BG map. They have the mobility, the tankiness, to support other classes to survive and now an easy means to access magical skills to kill.

    I have seen Soul linkers play WOE/BG/PVP, they are not meant to rule those areas. They are born to support, to annoy and a decoy perhaps. This is the reason they have the handicap of asking a soul link from other soul linkers to be able to kill.
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  6. Pyre

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    I agree that needing a second SL is a desired handicap, but considering we're not in a crowded environment, it just makes whoever wants to play a SL need to dual client. The only place where that could maybe break something are BGs in which you die and respawn inside it, because you don't have access to going to the city and rebuffing yourself. In other situations, having them able to Link themselves is certainly just quality of life.
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  7. Lucky

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    Sorry, we won't implement it.
    Please do not get me wrong, just your proposal different from our view of the development of the project.
    Peace :foxydancing:
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