Anti Social Guild Recruiting in Prontera

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    We are now recruiting new members for the guild
    International players that knows how to communicate
    Currently 6th ranked guild in this server
    Unfortunately this guild is not for woe
    We are focused on helping new players building themselves up and showing them around
    But ultimately, long term goal is to form a guild/party that will conquer instance/s
    Mostly for having fun
    We can also do big MVPs if we feel like it
    Guild base will be up for discussion depending on how our vouchers flow in
    We have done some instance in the past as well

    See me in Prontera and/or other members of the guild
    - Password / Username / Gepard Shield
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    you guys still have some slot left?
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    Yes we do. I am online around 7 to 10pm PST on weekdays or pretty much during the day on weekends.