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Discussion in 'Discussions and Questions' started by Pyre, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. Pyre

    Pyre Well-Known Member

    Was the common refine cost for armors increased from 2,000 zeny to 20,000 zeny on purpose?
  2. yes, it's so you buy VIP status

    in VIP it is still 2000
  3. JenKeighley

    JenKeighley New Member

    A very good reason to leave the server. As a new member, I do not appreciate being forced into buying something for real money before I have been able to make an informed opinion on the merits of the server. If you do want new members, DO think again!!!
  4. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Nobody wants to force you to play here. Don't play if you don't like the server. :foxdrop:
  5. Pyre

    Pyre Well-Known Member

    Also, I don't see how making refines more expensive forces anyone to buy anything LOL It's not like you can't refine items if you're not VIP. Plus, there are numerous ways to farm zeny to pay for refines at 20k.
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  6. Lucky just wants to help Holgrehenn finance his new Ferrari :redfox:
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