ARS Ragnarok rap

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    So This will explain all of the history behind the server in the past. Did it up as much as possible. For fun. Enjoy.

    ARS Ragnarok

    Here is a server I want to commend
    Ragnarok ARS is the server amen
    Playing them mid rates and getting **** done cus you’re
    Wasting no time and just having some fun

    This server has almost been up for year
    Players were plenty and things in goods cheers
    But here is the thing that I constantly hear cus like
    One day the players just all disappeared

    But here is the issue that people don’t know
    This server was steady awhile ago
    Here is a story that needs to be told so then
    I’ma just tell it and let it unfold

    All of a sudden, the GM got sick
    An army of bugs that completely need fixed
    With so many issues that sat in our midst
    Then a bunch of our players got fed up and quit

    Things for our GM got way outta hand
    Not many players will give him a chance
    Hope there is something that you understand cus
    He’s coming back stronger in making amends

    Right now he’s busy with pushing campaigns
    Changing locations in hosting domains
    Making a difference for the people that play and be
    Pushing out updates and making big change

    The server is trying to come back alive
    Trying his hardest to make a revive
    Sickness is trying to take out his life
    But he’s trying to move players to get back on his side

    Making a comeback is pretty insane
    Dealing with sickness and going through pain
    Hope I be writing enough to explain all of
    The troubles and struggles of running this game
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    Great job on the rap song. But if you're a server owner and are sick, you get a team. or atleast someone to help with the server ;)