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    This section will serve the purpose of information section, regarding players who got banned because they broke the rules on game and/or the forum.
    Please note that when someone got banned, their other characters on the account will be banned as well.

    The problem will arise in these example scenario:
    • Someone registered an account and created 2 characters, char A and char B.
    • Char A joined guild X, while char B joined guild Y.
    • When char A got banned by GM, char B is also banned.
    • Then a troll could say that GM team has banned someone (char B) without any reason whatsoever, because char B is on guild Y and didn't do any violation, etc.

    We will stop this trolling behaviour by providing information of affected characters by the ban.
    Please note that the GM team will not simply ban someone out of the blue without proper judgement, we will calculate and judge the reported subject carefully to see if that character violates the rules or not.

    We will not tolerate any targetted attack behaviour towards our server, which the objective is solely to make other players quit this server, and any other attack forms in general.
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