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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugreports' started by Gaddem, Oct 26, 2019.

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  1. Gaddem

    Gaddem Member

    I dont even know why I'm taking time for this, but if never an update was going to arrive one day, I hope at least things will be done correctly.

    Here is a list of all actual problems on BG at the moment (which are making everyone upset) :
    1) No agi/bless in all modes (capture the flag especially)
    2) Emp and barricades are too strong / have too many HP (cant remember last time we finished a Conquest mode, and for rush we almost always wait near to emp - so much fun).
    3) Something is wrong about healing emperium, just put a sanctuary/potion pitcher/or skills like that on it and no one will be able to destroy it.
    4) Having to use "/ns" to be able to hit ennemies is a pain. It leads to many mistakes towards focus between ennemies/allies.
    5) Pneuma seems to be a little bugged. Hard to explain but if you fight crea VS champ for example, you will quickly see the matter. There is a bug position somewhere, you can still die from AD while you pneuma on yourself. This bugg is not happening in WoE tho.
    6) Something is wrong about stones (except crazy amount of time needed to destroy it) : it can be One Shot by some cards of Tarot card of fate.
    7) Please do something about sinx entering in Battleground with : link, assumptio, aspercio, etc. People should have a dispell on those type of buff on town when entering. Sinx is just an example, it would be as much annoying if I were doing that with my Clown for example. Please fix at least Link/Assumptio/SL skills while entering.
    8) Party member registration didnt work each time I tried it.
    9) Inferno is mode that everyone is avoiding. Its too long. Reduce again kill number, or maybe remove it ?
    10) I think when food were ON it was funnier. Its normal to buy food for WoE, maybe not for BG since ur dying often and it costs a lot. Price are really expensive now for boxes or food. Not a problem for me as an old member, but it is for newer people.

    All this contributes to make it slow, not fun at all and not attractive. Its not designed for server size.

    Is it necessary to tell again how many player you lost by not fixing easy things like this, i dont know. At least it's done. Also, most of them need less than 5min of work to be fixed.

    If never I forgot some bugs, do not hesitate to add it.

    Good luck.
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  2. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Hi Gaddem. :foxani:
    Thank you very much for your suggestion, we're already working with these important changes. I will notify you about the results soon.
  3. Gaddem

    Gaddem Member

    I made this post because my support ticket from 2 months ago wasnt complete. We noticed more buggs, that are in that post now !
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    +1 to all

    -1 to dont do bless and agi, cmon bro, u wanna kill hw/proffesors/ ppl need bleslv10? XD
    seriously. +1 to all. -1 to buffs :p( only agi nd bless meaning) **** that sinxs with links :S
  5. Gaddem

    Gaddem Member

    @CHONA STRIKE > I think you missunderstood, I asked for agi/bless in all modes and to remove link/assumpt/etc.

    Btw @Lucky I have a REALLY IMPORTANT one new that I forgot. Try this (for example) : make a LK, and use an upgraded valk manteau on it. As we know, valk manteau enable you to reflect damages. Now try to asura this LK while missing because of the Parry skill : you still get the damages. That's so broken.
    But there is even worst : put this LK on a safety wall, and asura it. YOU STILL GET THE DAMAGES FROM REFLECT.

    Please fix ? That's not only for BG, it also happen in WoE.
  6. Lol don't fix it, that way LKs may actually be played and not be completely useless. :redfox:

    Maybe all LKs learned to be a Judoka and use your own power against you!


  8. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator


    I can't reproduce.

    in Capture the Flag and Stone Control. Fixed in the next update.

    Investigated, reviewed, HP reduced in 2.5 - ~4x times.

    fixed, sanctuary will do only 1hp heal always, instead of 777hp.

    I tried to apply some fix for the next update, I tested but not deeply, at first look works like expected, if not - let me please know. But fixed too.

    I do not know how to fix this. Long-time ago I did a lot of work-related to sync things, some progress has done earlier, but I do not know how to properly fix it.

    Impossible to cast skills on these stones, and tarots will not work too in the next update, hp reduced.

    I can't fix it, for now, too many works to do, later maybe someday if I will find a proper way how to do it - I will try to reach your goal related to this suggestion.

    check the screenshot above. Works fine, tested. If something wrong - need manually review with someone in the game, maybe something is wrong.

    Let's see how it will go after the next update, if it will be super bad, we will correct it.

    No. Price won't be changed. You can cook food if you wish, or you can continue playing for food farming.
    We will NOT reduce the price of consumables.
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