Answered Bug Report: Hiding skill makes Skill tree dissappear

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugreports' started by Lahkesis, Sep 1, 2019.

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    As what topic says, I was in BG today and I used hiding skill. After I unhide my LK, I cannot find my skills (alt+s). Although I can still use my skills via function keys, nevertheless I cannot find skills when I swap to Sight skill.

    Below are the attached screenshots

    Before Hide:


    During Hide:

    After Hide:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    After I teleported to a different city:


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  2. Lucky

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  3. Lucky

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    I tried to test it, and reproduce, but I can't.
    Maybe I'm doing something incorrectly. Please add more details:
    • do you have our full game client?
    • in support tickets please write equipment with cards what do you have
    • can you always reproduce the problem?