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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugreports' started by Solar, Oct 13, 2019.

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  1. Solar

    Solar no u

    Wuerzburg is too much of an RNG map. The defending guild already has an advantage setting up a pre-cast, and RNG of getting inside the emp room makes it worse.

    There are times that the attacking guild would like to go together but it’s so hard when you want to clamp up the middle portal but gets sent directly to the emp room.

    I’ve seen solo High Wizards and Snipers go in emp room directly and I can only picture what’s on their mind when they immediately see the amount of flaming rocks and molotovs on their face as they hoped to go up the elevated portal to create a coordinated attack.

    I really suggest change it to a classic one like Kriemhild. Brings back a lot of memories and it’s more balanced than the current one.
  2. Ryuzaki

    Ryuzaki "No" means "no", mothafucka!


    Wuerzburg is fine.
  3. Gandalf The Dope

    Gandalf The Dope Active Member

    +1 it a really hard advantage specially when u see that people that actually play woe is not much.
  4. Gaddem

    Gaddem Member

    I agree to change castle. It favours too much the defensive side on such server


    I agree. Defending guilds do not need any more of an advantage than they already have on smaller servers.
  6. This is only a problem if you enter the warp like a headless chicken. Let the UC leader get to the middle platform, have all members ready outside the castle with assumptio, use UC, rush inside. Just one of several possibilities. Be creative.
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  7. howdy

    howdy New Member

    Absolutely agree with this suggestion. The random warp, the pointless long walk around boring towers where no fighting is going to happen; Wuerz sucks ass, basically. Why play on this map when there're actually genuinely good castle maps to play on instead? IMO some kind of community vote or poll could be used to gauge community interest in castles in the future.

    wuerzburg... more like worst-burg. :boku002:
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  8. Leaf

    Leaf Member

    So like every other castle where the defending guild is...HAS TO wait in the emp room for attackers since Soul Linker/Leap basically made it impossible to defend anywhere else unless your opponents are total apes. :)

    E: Nonetheless I think it would be nice to swap castles + city every two weeks, fighting in the same gets stale fast.
    Basically every 2 weeks Yuno to Rachel for SE and for the regular Woe we started in payon so it would go
    Payon -> Al de Baran -> Prontera -> Geffen -> repeat?
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  9. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    how about payon castle? I mean the one that you can see in BG Rush (green one).
  10. Solar

    Solar no u

    Isn't the Payon one Sacred Altar? Didn't we use to have that one?

    This sounds mad awesome. (as long as Prontera is Kriemhild I say /go)
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  11. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    I'm going to close the suggestion, let me please know when to change and to what castle, we can do it on the live server almost instantly if someone will be online and both guilds will be happy with the castle (talk first to your competitors about the castle what you want).
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