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    List of available commands (maybe not exact, use @commands) for an exact list of commands.

    Here are the atcommand available to use:
    • @accept = Accept duel invitation from another player.
    • @achievements = Check your achievement progress.
    • @aloot = Replacement of @autoloot command with more functionality.
    • @aoes = Command for RCX system.
    • @autorefresh = Sync player's position and data with the server automatically, very useful in BG and WOE.

    • @autotrade = Logs off your account after you set up Vending shop, but it will stay online until either the shop is closed or you login to your account again. Currently autotrade you can use only in Morocc.
    • @battleinfo = Display information about your player kills/deaths in the chat window.
    • @bgranked = Display the Top 10 players of Ranked BG type.
    • @bgregular = Display the Top 10 players of Regular BG type.
    • @channel = Display settings of chatroom.
    • @circle = Command for RCX system.

    • @commands = List all available commands.
    • @dance = Do dance moves.
    • @ddrop = Display messages when monsters drops items equal or below the rate.
    • @duel = Create a 1v1 duel mode against another player.
    • @emotion = Display Emotions from above character head.
    • @go = Warps to another location.

    • @heart = Display Hearts client effect above character head.
    • @idsearch = Search for data using part of item name.
    • @invite =After using @duel, use this command to invite other player to duel.
    • @iteminfo = Display information about an item.
    • @jailtime = Display remaining jail time.
    • @leave = Leave duel mode.

    • @lgp = Activate RCX system.
    • @listenbg = Enable/Disable receiving BG announcements.
    • @me = Display chat above character head.
    • @mission = Display mission progress.
    • @mobinfo = Display information about a monster.
    • @myinfo = Check your information.
    • @noask = Auto reject invites and deals.
    • @noks = Kill Steal protection.
    • @order = A command that only usable by Guild/Team Leaders to display a global message to your whole Guild/BG Team.
    • @packetfilter = Removes extra effects from player client, helps with increasing FPS performance.

    • @partyexp = Display experience received from party members.
    • @rates = Display server rates.
    • @refresh = Sync player's data with a server.
    • @reject = Reject an invitation to duel.
    • @reportafk = Report someone AFK in BG.
    • @restock = Automatically refills your item inventory from Kafra storage. To understand on how to use it, please use "@restock help" in-game first.
    • @shake = Command for RCX system.
    • @show = Display a dot on your mini-map.

    • @show_auras = Display/Hide aura from your/all character.
    • @showexp = Display gained experience.
    • @showzeny = Display gained Zeny.
    • @spb = Display party member buff in party window.
    • @square = Command for RCX system.
    • @stats = Display your statistics.

    • @time = Display server time.
    • @whereis = Search for monster location.
    • @who = Display a list of online characters with various info.
    • @whodrops = Search for a monster who drops specified item.
    • @whosell = Search for an item in opened Vending shops.
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