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    List of available commands (maybe not exact, use @commands) for an exact list of commands.

    Here are the atcommand available to use:
    • @accept = Accept duel invitation from another player.
    • @achievements = Check your achievement progress.
    • @aloot = Replacement of @autoloot command with more functionality.
    • @autorefresh = Sync player's position and data with the server automatically, very useful in BG and WOE.

    • @autotrade = Logs off your account after you set up a Vending shop, but it will stay online until either the shop is closed or you login to your account again. Currently autotrade you can use only in Morocc.
    • @battleinfo = Display information about your player kills/deaths in the chat window.
    • @bgranked = Display the Top 10 players of Ranked BG type.
    • @bgregular = Display the Top 10 players of Regular BG type.
    • @channel = Display settings of a chatroom.

    • @commands = List all available commands.
    • @dance = Do dance moves.
    • @ddrop = Display messages when monsters drop items equal or below the rate.
    • @duel = Create a 1v1 duel mode against another player.
    • @emotion = Display Emotions from the above character head.
    • @go = Warps to another location.

    • @heart = Display Hearts client effect above the character head.
    • @idsearch = Search for data using part of the item name.
    • @invite =After using @duel, use this command to invite another player to duel.
    • @iteminfo = Display information about an item.
    • @jailtime = Display remaining jail time.
    • @leave = Leave duel mode.

    • @listenbg = Enable/Disable receiving BG announcements.
    • @me = Display chat above the character head.
    • @mission = Display mission progress.
    • @mobinfo = Display information about a monster.
    • @myinfo = Check your information.
    • @noask = Auto reject invites and deals.
    • @noks = Kill Steal protection.
    • @order = A command that only usable by Guild/Team Leaders to display a global message to your whole Guild/BG Team.
    • @packetfilter = Removes extra effects from player client, helps with increasing FPS performance.

    • @partyexp = Display experience received from party members.
    • @rates = Display server rates.
    • @refresh = Sync player's data with a server.
    • @reject = Reject an invitation to duel.
    • @reportafk = Report someone AFK in BG.
    • @restock = Automatically refills your item inventory from Kafra storage. To understand on how to use it, please use "@restock help" in-game first.
    • @show = Display a dot on your mini-map.

    • @show_auras = Display/Hide aura from your/all character.
    • @showexp = Display gained experience.
    • @showzeny = Display gained Zeny.
    • @spb = Display party member buff in party window.
    • @stats = Display your statistics.

    • @time = Display server time.
    • @whereis = Search for monster location.
    • @who = Display a list of online characters with various info.
    • @whodrops = Search for a monster who drops a specified item.
    • @whosell = Search for an item in opened Vending shops.
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