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  1. So after our guardians triumphantly won the last WoE for us I proudly went to to see our nice guild emblem after all that work we had defending the castle.

    But what do my poor eyes have to see?


    It's all black! Nooo! We aren't Pitch Black! We are Team Skull !!

    My dearest Lucky, please fix this :3
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  2. Kokemomo

    Kokemomo New Member

    with enough fantasy its an all black skull, close enough?
  3. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Hi, dear Centurychild.
    Can you send the guild icon (BMP files for a test)?
    I'm going to reset caches, but I think the problem not with this.
  4. Miyuki

    Miyuki Administrator

    Hello, on game client, can you try to set the guild emblem to another one, then set it back to this image again?
    I see nothing wrong with the code, but somehow this image still can't be shown properly.
    Currently there're 2 emblems that shows same black image here
  5. Username

    Username Member

    Nooooooo… My guild Anti Social has black emblem too! Oh well, it took me a day to figure out how to emblem my guild so I will stick to what I have. HAHA! Also, can we update guild experience posted so we can have rankings updated as well. Because I am showing 2.1b exp in my alt+g currently. Thanks for looking into this! :D
  6. Miyuki

    Miyuki Administrator

    The value on the ranking page will be updated regularly, and yes Anti Social guild also black emblem too, can you switch your emblem to something else, and revert back to your image again?
    And also be sure to use 256 color format (8 bit per pixel).
  7. Username

    Username Member

    I now have changed my emblem to a 'card' sized 24x24pixel to a 256bmp. and it seems to have fixed it! different emblem tho but im ok with it.

    we'll just have to wait and see what team skull does to their emblem :D

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  8. After changing it back and forth it seems to look good now