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    About Donations

    We need voluntary donations from players to continue developer and improve quality of the server and keep players online in the game.
    Server development not a free thing. This is very hard development workflow which require a lot of efforts and time, money, investments.
    Without players voluntary donations impossible to keep the server in long perspective. That why we accept donations from players.

    Click on the link to donate

    These are not mandatory payments, they do not give you special privileges in the game; we do not have items that would improve your characteristics bonuses. With the help of donations you will take from a cash shop the goods, which are often necessary to do thing faster or easier.


    For players who do not wish to donate, it is possible to get items from cash shop in another way (but you will need to try to a time for gathering it) with the help of Ars Coins.

    How to donate?
    1. Go to our website and click Donate.
    2. Sign in to your account with your user name and password
    3. Choose the number of cash points you would like to receive as a reward for your donation.
    4. Donate
    5. Now log-in to your game and your account will be automatically credited with cashpoints.

    An alternative way to get Cashpoints:
    Collect Ars Coins in prizes in various entertainment, missions, quests, killing strong monsters (mvps), performing quests, and so on. You can exchange Ars Coins to Cashpoints with Donation Manager.


    As you can see, you can access the same content as the players who make donations without investing a penny in the game.

    VIP System:
    Also, for all players we offer the benefits of VIP membership.
    With VIP membership, you can do things in the game faster, and more convenient.
    Use the command @vipstatus to get acquainted with the details of VIP membership.
    For all beginners - two weeks of free trial VIP access. You can buy a ticket to join VIP at Cash shop.
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