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Discussion in 'About The Server' started by Lucky, Dec 21, 2018.

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  1. Lucky

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    Full game client mirrors (2GB):

    Installer Version: 04.01.2019

    Alternative Installer (if client above does not work properly for you)
    Note: this is a totally different installer package, which does totally different installation job.

    Where is "Lite" game client?
    We just don't provide it, because it will not be compatible with our server in most cases (for a number of reasons).
    Please use the full game client.

    There are game files without a BGM folder and data.grf.
    You must have up to date data.grf before the end of 2018, otherwise you will have crashes.

    1. Download Lite game client on any of the links below.
    2. Install the client.
    3. In the folder with the game client, copy your data.grf and BGM / (with overwriting files)
    4. Run Arsro Patcher.exe and play
    Download Links (300mb)

    Attention! We use in Prontera custom wave file (check BGM folder)
    Do not delete it, otherwise, you will have errors!

    Warning! We strongly do not recommend using the lite game client.
    If you encounter any problem using this lite game client, we strongly recommend that you download the full game client from the links above.
    We will not support the lite game client!

    Installation guide:
    1. Download the game client. Run it and follow the instructions (preferably to choose D:\Games\ArsRO)
    2. Run setup.exe and configure your graphics adapter
    3. Always launch ArsRO Patcher.exe
    If you have problems: Suggestions and Bugreports or open Support Ticket.
  2. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Links updated. Repacked game clients with the different installer for avoiding potential issues during installation.
    Also added game client inside zip folder and lite game client (which we not recommend to use, but only for people with very limited BW)
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