Answered Drop Rate on Bradium Shield

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugreports' started by Username, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. Username

    Username Member

    Last month or 2 we made 1 +7 Bradium Shield.
    I decided to make another one but not getting any shields.
    When I checked the rate for it, it went down to 1%.
    I can remember it being 5% before.
    It is under Equipment 50x drop rate
    Please see to it. Thanks

    Also, come back and sit down at Prontera again if you can. @Lucky
  2. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Hi, we did not change any rates for items since the opening.
    (almost a year no changes to droprates)
  3. Username

    Username Member

    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    May I request it to be fixed according to server rate?
    Original drop rate is 0.1%
    Normal equipment 50x according to @rates
    If I do the math right, it should 5%.
    Yes? No? Thanks again @Lucky