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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugreports' started by robissto, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. robissto

    robissto New Member

    Hi... I would like to make few suggestions what I learned from long lasting successful servers I played in past...

    1.) @Joinbg - this should be usable on all maps, if you dont wish to be in que anymore, @leavebg can be used. Problem of inactive BG might be issue of registering in que and warping to another map (it will unregister you from BG que)

    2.) Pvp points - players should be rewarded for killing in pvp as well, abusing can be solved by killing row limit

    3.) Pvp warper - this should be NPC alone itself, showing actual number of players present in pvp.

    4.) @autorestock - why we do not have this?

    5.) Maybe someone would appreciate donation packages - donate 30 USD, get this package, donate 50 USD, get this better package.

    6.) Most loved BG games are Rush, Conquest, Deadmatch - nobody likes capture the flag or triple inferno...

    With love,

  2. Ernie

    Ernie Well-Known Member

    This is a pvm server, dont even bother.
  3. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    We have started to work on your proposals, but alas the results will be only after the next update.
  4. michaelscarn

    michaelscarn New Member

    Just to top off these suggestions, which I think are great btw, please let the BG announcements be publicly seen by everyone regardless of if you're in queue or not. People are more motivated to BG if they see this. It also helps to periodically show that there is an active BG session as well. This is the first server I've seen that does not do this.

    BG game mode should also automatically rotate onto the next game mode if no one decides to queue in for game modes such as conquest which take much longer to finish. I've been noticing a big trend where BG just immediately dies as soon as conquest comes up.

    Speaking on the topic of PVP, I agree that the NPC should be separated with a chat box counter to show how many people are in the arena. Also, an NPC inside to globally announce that "user" is looking for a fight in the PVP arena.
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  5. Miyuki

    Miyuki Administrator

    You can use @listenbg / @bglisten command to show any announcements about BG, the same with @listenevent command.

    Good suggestion, added to tasklist.

    The chat box idea is still kinda makes sense, while the latter doesn't, this kind of announcement will spam your chatbox real quick. Therefore there's no such thing being implemented.
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