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    The only way that something needs to be done is how you perceive the class as a whole. Clearly, you wanted changes to put LK up to par in guild competition and whatnot, to me, I do not think it is necessary to change it be able to play the class in competition.

    There's your answer. Your guild is clearly for WOE competition. Lord knights aren't. If you wanted to play the class, play it outside WOE or at least BG (solo playing). If you still insist on changing to be viable in WOE, you are being ridiculous as that change would not even going to happen. :foxdrop::boku015:/heh

    -1, Lk is still interesting to play. You are just downsizing the class on your own thoughts. What do you want to do with the LK? to make it another killing machine? It is already perfect as it is. You are just making it look useless as you do not put a lot of thought to play the class.


    I actually quite like knights, I just wouldn't use one in WoE because they are currently not good for guild competition. Guild competition is a very significant chunk of the game. It is kind of a problem if you cannot effectively participate in one of the most prominent features of the game with a major class.

    I don't particularly care if you like PvM more. You do you. I'm just saying that there are those of us who like WoE who want to see a greater variety of classes in WoE. That's hardly an unreasonable suggestion.

    Also if you recall, I didn't suggest it should be on par with Acid Demonstration. I did not suggest knights should be killing machines per se, but they should have powerful options available if they have support.
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    I think I'm making a separate topic for skill durations discussion LOL
  4. Im afraid I have to disagree with most of these changes even if I can see the good thoughts made behind them.

    Such deep changes would force Lucky to label the server as "customized" and not many people even try customized servers cause it can literally be ANYTHING no limit on the craziness.

    Also, balancing is the hardest part of making a game and such deep changes would require A LOT of testing so nothing turns out to be completely broken even if on the paper noone could see it is.
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    I agree with you- balancing some aspects of the game can have unintended consequences. Take for example how easy it is to come by materials for acid demonstration on ArsRO compared to what was intended. Relatively small guilds like banana rising can field 3 full-time AD creators on a given WoE. I don't think that's a bad thing - people should be able to play the classes they want to play during a WoE. I like that measures have been taken to make it viable for so many people to play their preferred class- but you can't deny this has had a huge effect on how WoE is played here.

    The server has already altered the balance of the game in a huge way. I don't think people should dismiss further changes just because it might throw off an already altered balance.
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    Plus, you don't have to advertise the server as "custom" (it already is, anyway). Just add a line giving a general idea of what changes you've done, like "increased buff durations" or something like that. That alters the balance of the game way less than the rates it has compared to official rates.
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