guild FreshBlood

Discussion in 'Recruitment and Guilds' started by itsme, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. itsme

    itsme New Member

    PVE/MVP guild.
    Planning to play here.
    Details about our guild we will post later when the server will be opened and we will sure that it will be good.
  2. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Welcome! ;)
  3. fl0ppydisk

    fl0ppydisk New Member

    recruiting minions already? Count me in, please.
  4. Beefcastle

    Beefcastle Member

    Looking forward to possibly joining your guild. I'm not much for pvp/woe more of a pvm, mvp person myself.
  5. Damn

    Damn Member

    Looking forward for pve guild\ parties