Answered H.Event & Quest = Epic Fail?

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  1. Bravean

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    Why that they implement such an expensive quest where 99% of the rewards are useless? and also Linked to the acount, can't try to sell the hats for win something.

    As an added "bonus", the autoloot does not work and expect people to spend how many hours collecting tickets + other things to get a crap?

    I agree that MvP Drops should not come out easily but the quest is absurd. For such crap, better put other more useful rewards.
  2. Lucky

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    Don't like, don't do. :foxyp:


    Can at least put the autoloot on that mobs? its a bit annoying to take it xDDDD

    EDIT: ty largo to notice me that quest were harder now, its just braindead LMFAO XD ggwp
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