Happy New 2019 Year!

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    Happy New Year, everyone!
    In honor of this event, holiday, to all who will register on our server and start playing after the launch of the project (opening) - we will present:

    1. https://arsro.com/?module=account&action=create create account before server opening (there is no actual opening date yet, but soon)
    2. Download Game and Install our Client
    3. Wait for the announcement of the opening of the project (it will be soon) and come on the day of the project launch.
    4. Log in to the game and you will automatically receive the prizes.

    This promotion is valid until the start of the project for all registered accounts.
    Items cannot be transferred between other accounts.

    How do I know when the server will open?
    • Just create game account or forum account (or both) and check time to time your email box. At least 7 days before server opening we will notify you.
    • Time to time check the https://arsro.com/ site or forum
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.