Happy Valentine's Day to all! + Update #5

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    First of all, we want to congratulate everyone on Valentine's Day.
    In honor of this holiday, we have prepared for you an update and entertainments.
    Unfortunately, for a number of reasons that did not depend on us, we have not implemented all that we wanted and plan to present you, but with a big update, we will do it in the next time.

    Valentine's Day
    The main capital of the world has been renovated for an indefinite period of time.
    Added cute monsters from which you can get Valentine's Eggs.
    You can exchange these Valentine's Eggs for some Valentine's prizes.

    Also from these cute monsters drop wedding rings.
    Don't miss the chance to get yourself one and give it to your other half.
    He or she will be happy.

    You can also get certain items from Valentine that you can't get anywhere else. So hurry up, because the holiday period is limited until the next update. In the next major update, this holiday will be completed.


    List of changes not related to the holiday event.
    For a number of reasons, we have not been able to implement everything we wanted, it is a more technical update with patches of the most urgent problems, we promise to present a really big update in the future, but not now.

    Bloody Branch quest changed, earlier you received 3x Bloody Branches, now you will receive 5x Bloody Branches

    • BG: Added ability to use BG (WoE Restricted) Items on a map before the entrance to the castle When WoE is on.
    • BG: the problem was fixed when the Emperium and other stones did not appear on one of the BG games.
    • BG: Removed Tripple Inferno, added some hotfixes to reported bugs.
    • BG: We started to work on BG, and in one of the next updates we will release many many changes related to BG.
    • BG: Added RWC Gold to Erundek Shop.

    Backslide vs Walls


    To be clear on official servers it's default behavior when you hit a wall you stopped, but we permit to continue to slide next to the wall when you use Backslide skill.

    More events and more often!

    • Changed the Event system on the server.
    • Now you don't have to be a novice or anyone else to be involved in the fun.
    • You can join in on any character for fun (any level).
    • Events will run once every 20 minutes (3 times per hour), less than that we can do for technical reasons.
    • Fixed some of the problems that we had previously been informed about by event-related issues.
    • Participate in the events and get your rewards!

    Added @listenbg and @listenevent commands
    (these commands help you to avoid spam in your chat from these NPCs)

    Enriched Elunium, Enriched Oridecon, Love Chick Hat and
    RWC Dragon Helm Silver possible to trade since now.

    And many small minor technical issues which allow us to bring a lot of really good events for everyone!

    We would like to repeat that we have just started to prepare a major update, with a lot of changes that will provide you with in the future, this update will include your feedback and suggestions, as well as bug reports. Please do not hesitate to contact us for help, or with suggestions.

    About the ad campaign

    (these are the results of one of the many advertising campaigns that we do)

    We have an advertising campaign, new players come, but for some reason do not stay for a long time thanks to various players and a motivated administrator from another server, who intentionally created problems and destroyed the mood of newcomers.

    Therefore, in this regard, we continue the advertising campaign and build it up, but we have taken radical measures, which in our opinion - will help against unscrupulous visitors to our server.

    Please run Patcher to get all the updates!
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    The server is up!
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