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Discussion in 'Discussions and Questions' started by Mark, Oct 7, 2019.

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  1. Mark

    Mark Active Member

    Have any of you guys tried the AzzyAI included with the game? My homun doesn't ignore monsters (andre , deniro for example) even though i set those to ignore. He/She attacks them and gets destroyed.

    My hoai is set to custom just fyi
  2. xgamers16

    xgamers16 Member

    you need to set some parameters on it... just tinker with the setup and how HOmu reacts... trials and errors is the best buddy
  3. Gandalf The Dope

    Gandalf The Dope Active Member

    maybe she/he/apache helipcopter/non entity/ghost/thing is not friendly and want to kill everyone
  4. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Hi! :foxbyebye:
    In the "AI" folder you can find "AzzyAIConfig" GUI tool for AI configuration.
    Also, do not forget about /hoai.
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