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  1. Gandalf The Dope

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    Hello people, as we all like this server and a "lot" of people left (cof bananas cof), how about we try to give lucky ideas to get more people, i think this server is perfect for old players that want to remenber old days...the server have the perfect balance and that its pretty hard to find so for me the perfect way to get players should be to get pay for publicity in facebook its the faster and secure way to get that type of players
    feel free to give any idea
  2. Gandalf The Dope

    Gandalf The Dope Active Member

    other idea could be to make two more Woe's but just for 1-1 1-2 classes on weeks so people start to play more or attrack new players who are into that also it will impact in the economy coz old weapons and gear will be needed
  3. Solar

    Solar no u

    I saw the ArsRO Facebook and it hasn't been updated in forever. Social Media is a strong tool to attract masses.

    Also 2nd job classes WoE sounds super fun :D
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  4. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    RMS reviews usually help.


    More reviews - more players. Very simple.
  5. Largo

    Largo Member

    Hello Lucky,

    first off all i play on this server for at least 3 months now and you do a great work here. I also know that you
    invest a lot of time in this server project especially because you dont have other GMs that help you.
    I really appreciate that.

    But when i check this forum post right here and your answer here i kinda get a feeling that you dont show
    much interest to the ideas here from the players "More reviews - more players. Very simple. " i mean did you
    actually read all the reviews we have on rate my server? not all are that great. Also you should consider the
    idea of the second class woe for the future because it brings more fun to this server.

    Also i understand that the updates take a lot of time because a lot to do etc. But let me give you 1 good advice,
    dont try to release a big update that takes several months to be finished when we have some little problems
    on the server that annoy a lot of players and also made a lot of them quit already.. as you can see the
    population is not increasing more like its decreasing.

    Best example is our battleground... many players also myself told you already via discord to think about
    changing the hp of the emperiums and guardian stones or just change it back like we had it before this big update.
    At the moment its designed for like a 20 v 20 player bg which we dont have here (best is maybe 5 vs 5 and thats
    also extremly rare).

    Also the Capture the Flag mode wont give you agi and blessing when you respawn so classes like champion
    have a big advantage there (of course you can say that people should play classes like priest then but in a
    3 vs 3 bg you cant expect that both teams have a priest or champ) so just make it equal for everyone to add
    the buffs in this mode aswell.

    Also there is a serious problem now on certain mvps (mostly wounded morroc) with teleporting them on purpose
    just to annoy other ppl. 1 way to make it less annoying is to remove his teleport skill (just an example)
    but you really have to take care of it soon and not with the next update after a long time.

    also very important is the woe situation especially on saturday because the castle we have at the moment
    kills the motivation of the attacking guild because of the random ports inside the emp room. The defense
    guild has such an advantage its not even balanced anymore with such a small playerbase. It needs to be
    changed as soon as possible in my opinion.

    im pretty sure with this "small changes" you can give us a much better life on this server especially for
    bg / woe and we dont have to wait for the next big update.

    I mean we the players here keep your server alive aswell and we really like to play here so please help us
    in this regard.

    Dont take my post as an offense or anything like that, i just wanna enjoy my time here on this server.
    It would be sad if this server goes down.

    much love and kisses your loyal player Largo

    sorry for the long text also for my bad english, i really hope you take your time to read all of it.
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  6. Gaddem

    Gaddem Member

    I can't agree more with this last post : small changes for big impact.
    Battlegrounds are now almost completely dead. Some days there is not even 1 round played.
    About SM, if toxic behavior is not punished, at least limiting it by removing Teleport capacity from the MVP is a must.
    About WoE, there is an entire post talking about castle change, which shows the importance of the matter.

    These are crucial subjects with small changes that are truly killing server's atmosphere at the moment.

    - Another of your loyal player Gaddem
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  7. Gandalf The Dope

    Gandalf The Dope Active Member

    "More reviews - more players. Very simple." basic maths


    ok so talking for real is not so simply coz if that were the case why u cant find other servers with a lot of people?
    facebook the best way to get fast people, usually people just see the description and how many online to check a server....try to do their join and see empty prontera...then go to market and see none economy (that usually in every server) bg, etc... is not a nice way to see ok i will give a try to this server, they have to be lucky to meet a couple of players (pretty sure we are all from social or at least big part) that talk to them, give them items and teach them how the server largo said we are all here to try to improve the server coz we like it

    Im only loyal to my fellow comrades of motherland and to mordor
    rush b cyka blyat
  8. Mark

    Mark Active Member

    Largo hit the nail on the head with this one.
    Like I always say, the rates here are great, the community (even though it's small rn) is great.

    In my opinion, RMS is kinda dead. I feel like it's mostly used by players to check on mobs or drops or other stuff like that. I've been playing RO for years now and RMS reviews aren't the reason I join. I've played servers with salty reviews and actually liked them mainly because of the activity levels and how responsive the dev team is.

    Just like Largo said, There are small problems with a lot of the aspects of the server which can be fixed without a 'in the next update' line. No offense but by now even I know that means it's gonna take months. I remember something as small as #main chat being bugged took so long to get fixed. I'm sure you have a busy life and have other things to do but I ask you to consider getting some help with the server so someone can work on these small but game breaking (in terms of fun/ ease) problems the server has.

    As a growing server, obvious basic fixes shouldn't take ages. Facebook is a huge platform for RO servers. This is an old game and most people see a server post / ad and nostalgia hits them and they get the game. So social media IS a huge part of promotion. Leaving reviews on RMS is a textbook move that doesn't really work the way it used to.

    To summarize,
    Smaller important fixes > Big updates. always.

    Hope this server grows and I hope you understand all our points here

  9. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Hi guys, we happy to read every day your suggestions, tickets, feedback. On some topics, we answer almost instantly if we can provide proper solutions. (because of IRL problems on my side (sorry about that :foxcry:))
    We know about BG problem, we know about MVP problem, we hear you about content, and lack of events. At the same time, we're constantly developing and doing different adv, campaigns which consume a lot of time and drain a lot of power and resources without positive return.

    I just arrived back, and I will glad to focus on support tickets, forum feedback, discord feedback and so on and fix castle, MVP, bg, PVP, woe, event-related issues ASAP. ETA: a few days.
  10. Gandalf The Dope

    Gandalf The Dope Active Member

    i dont want be a dick (well on server i do) but you just said nothing, like what adds? where we can see the campaings? you told that we just need to do reviews but not a single word about facebook (you can pay like 10 bucks per month and create a great marketing campaigne) we dont need specific info but at least you could try to tell us what u plain to do in the next months so the server dont start to be lower and lower on players
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  11. Ryuzaki

    Ryuzaki "No" means "no", mothafucka!

    Lucky, let's try a new method?

    Give us an ESTIMATE date that you will definitely answer the reported issues / suggestions. That way you can calm people down with a deadline, but to be effective you have to respect the deadline.
    But don't robotize this deadline, don't turn every issue into "3 days to respond" (I'm being humble with the "3 days").

    And don't try to solve everything at once. There are subjects that are more critical (such as MVPs), while others may wait longer (like new castle or new WoE).

    Then you can try to organize your schedule so that you put the least important things in the big updates (with the public being officially informed about it) and the most important things are dealt with in a shorter timeframe.
  12. Username

    Username Member

    +1 about toxic people teleporting wounded morroc intentionally. great way to piss people off! taking its teleport skill would be nice or some other solution
  13. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    We will not share any information about this, because it will be used by our competitors. If you don't trust, this is not our fault. Yes, we working, and of course not always we are successful with our activities, something work, something not. But we keep trying.
  14. Mark

    Mark Active Member

    He's asking where he can see the campaigns. Not the methods :)
  15. Gandalf The Dope

    Gandalf The Dope Active Member

    "because it will be used by our competitors"
    hahahahahahaha what competitors? have u even see the server? everyday people leave now we are not more than 20 players playing...a lot of players that were active are looking for new servers, now if we have lucky we get some bg games but as i can see you are or too stubborn or u really dont have a clue about the life or a server with that reply i will start to look a new server and just come to play woes its retarded you said something like that and dont even think about decent way to at least make your few active players to help you
  16. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    The ArsRO alive and works fine without issues for 10 months already and will work minimum extra-large period of time too for sure, while "others" maximum works around 1-2 months (not more) (we monitor different servers). Our main goal provides fun for players, to keep them resting and happy while they playing in the game, this is our top priority. We're not run for large audience (yes, we want it, but this is a very big amount of work what very hard to be done). Also, we several times bring a lot of players to the server, is not it? Or is it the first time when we have "20 players online"? As I said, some methods work, some not, we keep trying, we can't be sure in methods and "results" of what we do. We made the whole infrastructure and used many methods (1-time methods, after usage they'll not work anymore). The best thing that can be done for now - it's honest and real players reviews (even negative ones) on RMS. We respect all opinion and accept our failures too, so it's ok to us hear negative about the server too. Anyway, I know only few things for sure:
    - the server is for a long time
    - the server did not reach itself limits
    - we're working right now on big changes which provide a lot of fun
    - we keep working and listen to players' feedback (yes, sometimes not always just in time, but still listen and implement almost all player's wishes). We respect and love our players. :foxcute:
  17. Mark

    Mark Active Member

  18. Ryuzaki

    Ryuzaki "No" means "no", mothafucka!

    That is not what we want, Lucky.

    Please, consider to fix issues we have now. For example, I oppened 2 tickets in Sep 29th and oppened 1 ticked in Oct 7th, all of then without a solution yet. Two with vague answer and one that you don't reply anymore.

    Largo said to you to focus in the small changes, as you can see here.
    Mark also said the same here, and I said something similar here.
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  19. Gaddem

    Gaddem Member

    The server is already fun and don't need big changes. It has already everything it needs to be attractive in terms of features and so.

    What the server lack is : 1) visibility 2) make new people stay 3) have a small but strong and consistent community that will help the server to stay stable, attractive and grow.
    1) Visibility > Have a vote or review/reward system would make everyone participating
    2) Why new people don't stay ? Because they don't see a small active comminuty, and online player number is dropping
    3) Why there is no active core community ? Because the older players are leaving
    Why old players leave ? Most of the reasons I heard (atmosphere, Battleground, WoE) from them are related to one thing => GM seems to not be concerned.

    Maybe no one is reporting it to you Lucky, but I can tell you that people are talking (complaining actually) about you everyday. Old players are desperate to not see little changes. "New" players (here since around 3 weeks) are litterally asking me if there is actually a GM as they never saw him active and online. And when they ask me if I already saw you online one day, Im sad that the only answer I can give is "no", not since Im here (2.5 active months).

    Being AFK on Prontera "Working on update" for weeks while updates or little annoying fixes aren't released just make people feel you are fooling them. The first days people see that, they're like "yea it's comforting, he's working hard for the server and towards what we ask" but after several weeks it turns to "it's just a joke, he's non-existant".

    This thread is actually a good example. Instead of motivating people, you just had demotivated some of them. And the people commenting here are (or were until this happen) some of the most active and loyal players, trying try to find solution instead of just leaving the server. But your answers are just off track, and you ignored the most urgent and important points.

    Some things need time and hard work. But maybe instead of taking 15mn to write a post, please consider taking the same amount of time to fix one (or even several) issues we reported to you. And just by that, you would already give half of the server some consideration and hope.
    - I don't think changing emperium's amount of HP in BG requires 1 month of work to get fixed
    - I don't think adding Agi/Bless to one BG mode requires 1 month of work to get fixed
    - I don't think removing "Teleport" of Wounded Morroc requires 1 month of work to get fixed
    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about that. Still the truth is that it's reported since a very long time and nothing changed. Yet, I can named you easily 15 people that left or arent active for theses simple and stupids things.

    On my side, I do not think you're inactive. And I believe you had/have some IRL issues that take you away from all of this. I know you're concerned and I think the biggest issue is the way you show us your work and presence.
    Dropping massive updates every 3 months and being totally inactive in between is not a strategy that pay well. Because you take considerations but it's too late. For example, when you will finally fix these damned Battlegrounds, many players will never know about because they already left. It will be a bit hard to bring BG back to life while it could have stay active with very fast and easy fixes.

    So, please take some concrete and small actions to show people you are here and motivate them.

    I still have a good hope for this server and will stay patient for a bit little longer, but I can't say Im not struggling with motivation when I read those kind of things.

    Once again, I (and we) love this server. Lets make it stable and grow !
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  20. Barbe

    Barbe Member

    Hello / Good evening I agree on Gaddem sitations about the server, I'm new on the server, I heard a lot about the server and the person who takes care of it, since I have liked the server at first but in view of the problems that there is I hope that it will be settled quickly, in addition to the I advertise on a French Facebook group to promote the server and voted on more often than not on RotopServer to attract the world, I also have sources who told me that you had more server, it would not be better to focus on a server that needs you.

    Thank you for your answer regarding the future of the server that is going badly.​