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Discussion in 'Discussions and Questions' started by Gandalf The Dope, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. Gandalf The Dope

    Gandalf The Dope Active Member

    prove about it?
  2. Pyre

    Pyre Well-Known Member

    Just a random thought, and I want to know what other people think about this:

    In your opinion, would it make the server look more attractive/alive if we all "hubbed" in Prontera instead of random cities?

    I know guilds like to be in their cozy place and stuff, but I'm certainly willing to change my Alt+1 from Ayothaya to Prontera if most people agree that would benefit the server!
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  3. Gandalf The Dope

    Gandalf The Dope Active Member

    +1 nice idea
  4. Solar

    Solar no u

    Or you know, small quality of life updates. :rolleyes:

    Or guild packages, or actually useful non-trade starting items like at least 1 BBG or FM or both.
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  5. Ryuzaki

    Ryuzaki "No" means "no", mothafucka!

    In my opinion, my furry-friend, it is pointless.
    It is a nice idea, but in the end what is killing that server is the GM that seems to have abandoned the server.

    And the math is quite simple:
    GM does not resolve issues -> Players become unhappy -> Players starts to complain -> GM disappears -> Players no longer invest in the server -> Server dies

    I trully hope ARS stay alive and kicking... but we are already in the last stages.
    And even with everyone here begging Lucky to change the way he handles his own server, the most responsible is more concerned about ratemyserver reviews (get new players who won't stay) than solving reported problems (and keep current players who are most interested in keeping the server alive).

    It's sad, Lucky. >(
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  6. Barbe

    Barbe Member

    The worst thing is that he likes the posts we put, it makes no sense, He should answer instead of putting likes.
  7. Largo

    Largo Member

    I kinda lost hope at this point aswell so maybe the best thing to do is to quit the Server and search something else to play.

    We put so much effort into this Server with ideas etc. but looks like our GM dont care at all. Sounds sad but my motivation is already gone.

    I still hope for a change but i dont think this will happen :(
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  8. Ryuzaki

    Ryuzaki "No" means "no", mothafucka!

    Yeah, I know the feeling. >(
    You know how my time is limited, and to come here and see that nothing changed... nothing at all... kind kill my motivation as well.
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  9. Mark

    Mark Active Member

    Kinda given up too. Haven't played for a while now and i'm not surprised to see he hasn't taken ANY action whatsoever besides liking a few replies. I'm surprised at the incompetence. I understand real life comes first or the alleged health problems come first. But as the owner of a server with no team at all, i'm surprised the server lasted this long. In all honesty all he does is sit afk in prontera and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to call BS. Although it looks like this server is pretty much in its final stages (sadly), it could have been a great server if it was run by someone with a little more common sense and not braindead tactics.

    I'll be on every now and then to see if there's a bg running or to say hi to you guys but if you guys do find a fun server, do hit me up. Always looking for a good server with a decent community

    Poopboy#2230 is my disc /gawi

    Edit: Sorry about the ranty post. I really do hope the server survives but I just mean it doesn't seem probable XD
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  10. Pyre

    Pyre Well-Known Member

    I'm staying. I like the server, and Lucky already said he was busy... so I think we can wait a little.

    But I have to agree that it doesn't help much bringing X new players and letting X players leave. I don't exactly know what kind of feature is super attractive to new/old players. We could have a topic (or this one) dedicated to everyone saying the TOP 3 things they look for in a RO server, and the TOP 3 things that drive them away from RO servers. This is probably the most useful way of creating a database of ideas for Lucky to sort out.

    The things I look for:
    • Quality of life (the usual pack: commands, rates...)
    • Costumes (because having everyone wearing the same pvp-oriented hat SUCKS. Also for cuteness)
    • Features that rewards hunting (not just bosses).

    The things that drive me way:
    • Renewal things (like over lv99, or OP classes -- I know, I play Summoner... but just because it's changed)
    • Abusive "addons" (like RO Medic)
    • Lack of customization (it's kinda boring to play the same way everytime. We should be tired of vanilla, right? xD)
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  11. Gandalf The Dope

    Gandalf The Dope Active Member

    + more dungeons/instances
    + more types of woes (like just novice woes, 1-2 woes etc..)
    + see active players (the idea of everyone being in prontera )

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  12. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

  13. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    This is very good. Thank you very much for your kind words.
    We're working on the update for helloweeeeeeen.
  14. Gaddem

    Gaddem Member

    + battleground fix (Battleground fix)
    + fixing Satan Morroc and Nydhog
    + more types of woes (like just novice woes, 1-2 woes etc..)
    + vote/reward system to make people come (please forget about RSM reviews, 99% dont care)

    - absolute absenteeism on server from GM side
    - lucky

    Few words on vote/reward : create an account and check how iPlay-RO server is doing it. Easy and effective. 1200-1800 players on. Here is a list of website to appear on in order to attract HUNDREADS OF PEOPLE :
    - Ragnarok Online Private Servers - Top 100 List (international)
    - Ragnarok Online top 100 - Private servers, Guides, Guilds, free servers (international)
    - Ragnarok Online Private Servers (international)
    - Ragnarok Online - Ragnarok Private Servers, RO Servers, RO2 Free Patch Bot Cheats PvP Aero... (international)
    - Meilleurs serveurs RO - Ragnarok Top Server (international / french : server is already there but the announcement is so outdated and ulgy/unattractive).

    Few words on presence : you should come and discuss with people sometimes. Maybe create an event (or recruit a sub-gm for it). Nothing complicated, just summon a poring with 100M HP, hide a npc somewhere in a city, spawn 30 MVPs somewhere. Those are things that take little time and would make people entertain.
    Atmosphere is dead at the moment. New comers have plenty of questions.
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  15. tbh i found arsro on RMS, so i am the 1%

    I know what you mean but that sounded damn ironic
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  16. Mark

    Mark Active Member

    + Having something for the scarce but hopeful new players to look forward to - BG fixes, Event fixes (some events still let you use non event skills when you shouldn't be able to. Maybe remove dual client for events.

    + Have more in game presence as a server owner. Real life does come first but as an owner, you gotta step it up Lucky. just facts.

    + Vote reward system definitely


    - I hate the fact that people don't realize the minimal level of competence required by a server owner and are letting so many things slide.

    - Also the fact that Lucky deliberately ignores important threads and responds to not so important fixes ticks me off.

    - And please for the love of the moon goddess, start responding to legit constructive criticism and not just hit LIKE on every post. this isn't facebook. we're not here to get popular.

    If you feel like people are typing too much and you prefer bullet points, SAY IT. Everyone commenting here wants the server to live. And its discouraging to see you not give a ****. And only respond to positive posts that make you feel good.
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  17. Mark

    Mark Active Member

    Not sure if you're getting our point. It's not that people don't want to give him time. It's that he's focusing on the wrong things. A mob of people literally specified on fixing SMALL stuff. And he replies with stuff like BIG UPDATE COMING SOON. That's what triggers most people. Big updates are cool and all but only once the little things are fixed.
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  18. Solar

    Solar no u

    I like how he literally didn't read the fuckᴉng posts.

    Players are looking for SMALL QOL UPDATES

    Quality of life

    Quality of life (QOL) is an overarching term for the quality of the various domains in life. It is a standard level that consists of the expectations of an individual or society for a good life.

    His reply?
    Dude, Prontera is a cesspool of sadness right now on how it looks. Vanilla Prontera is way better than some eyesore theme you're about to put in your "MaSsiVe UpDaTe".

    But hey you do you.
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  19. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    What is the definition of "little" thing? For "who" is it "a little thing" for you from player view, or for me from developer view?
    Dear Mark, we do our job as we do with the speed that is not satisfied by players with reasons, real reasons, irl, technical, and so on, but this is maximum speed for now from our side. A thing that will look for you like something "simple", in real life usually very hard.
  20. Mark

    Mark Active Member

    *likes* lmaoo i'm dying
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