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    lucky, for the love of all you hold dear, dont like this reply!!
  2. You need to use reverse psychology and like Lucky, then he replies your post!
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    i agree to all of them i just read all the comments,suggestion and the issues a while ago and they are all rights. i did make a review for the server in RMS coz when i saw the server info in RMS its triggered me to play the server and i download the server and play right away.when i checked the server website and its 67 online and my toughts is its not bad coz i used to play in that kind of population and when i check all the places and the vending area and chatting on main chat only 1 player reply the 67 online was just a lie and suddenly thinking about leaving without any thoughts.
    since i like the server info i decided to stay and i tried to help the server to grow and motivate the coming players and the existing players not to get bored by the suggestion i made not to feels like alone ingame. when i checked all the online players for a couple of days it is just 4-7 online its like wtf.
    in 2-3 months if i feel like the Server is not Growing that would be the time for me to leave for real. i hope the GM will do something about ingame for us even not to feel alone playing ingame.if they will do about my suggestion i think i will always motivated to farm more and to play more.
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    You have plenty of games to choose from, why stick to this? There's plenty of astonishing, excellent and brilliant game style, characters and story. Why stuck to Ragnarok Online 1?

    Clearly Lucky is not even bothered with this topic as she knows that this server will be abolished soon.

    Might as well start playing excellent such as DOOM 3/4, Overwatch, Call of duty, League of Legends, Diablo 3 (4*So excited*), Starcraft 3 (Cartoon Design? Super fun to watch), Modern warfare, DOTA 2?, Heartstone or even Ragnarok Online 2?

    Wake up to reality, this server or even the game won't even grow. The only servers left to have that kind of population are the ones who invested a lot of money (Server and Players) and customization. The rest is doomed.