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Discussion in 'Vending Forum' started by Melieve, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Melieve

    Melieve The Hunter on Demand

    YOU! :boku080:

    Need some cards? The useful and easy ones but boring to go hunt? Don't want move your lazy ass and waste time for hunt cards like Thara Frog, Zerom, Porcellio, Raydric, etc.?

    You can hire a Hunting on Demand service!
    But, Ayaka, how does it works? :foxhuh:

    - Choose cards that you need (only easy mobs to kill)
    - Contact me in game or forum
    - Order your card(s) and stay quietly

    About prices, we will negotiate this through dialogue! /$

    Feel free to contact me in game (Ayaka, Starfall, Deviline) or reply this post!

  2. Ryuzaki

    Ryuzaki "No" means "no", mothafucka!


    If you can, please hunt the Valk-Helm cards.
    Just PM-me the price.

  3. Melieve

    Melieve The Hunter on Demand

    PM sended!
  4. Ryuzaki

    Ryuzaki "No" means "no", mothafucka!

    Thanks for the cards.
    Can you hunt me the following?

    Evil Druid
    Dark Frame
    Flame Skull
    Guard [1] (I know that it is not a card)

    Just PM me the price, as before. Thanks.
  5. Melieve

    Melieve The Hunter on Demand

    Evil Druid - 3m
    Dark Frame - 4m
    Flame Skull - 2m
    Guard[1] - for free
    Total = 9m

    But i'll give u a discount, so: 8m for all, that's ok?
  6. Melieve

    Melieve The Hunter on Demand

    Your cards are done!!
  7. Akasha

    Akasha Member

    Ohh This is a great initiative! Congratulations!

    Im here to demand, please gimme the price:

    - 2x Hidra
    - 2x Skell Worker
    - 2x Strouf

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  8. Melieve

    Melieve The Hunter on Demand

    Nice to see you here! <3
    I'll send you a pm to negotiate, because the payment could be zeny, badges, coins, etc.!
    Please, check your inbox!

    Thanks :foxyoioi:
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  9. Akasha

    Akasha Member

    Thanks again for the cards!

    Now, can you hunt a Angelic Ring from the unicorn Cornus?
    I can pay for any armor you get from then too.
  10. Melieve

    Melieve The Hunter on Demand

    May it will took a bit of time but I can do It!
    I'll let you know when is done!
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