Hunting missions. How to farm,when to skip.

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    Hunting missions are the most rewarding activity in the game.
    Doing hunting missions you get:
    -BG Medals
    -Hunting Medals
    -Monster Vouchers
    -Ars Coins
    -Mission Points
    -Base/Job xp.

    You get all of these rewards completing every single mission. And the amount of each reward, increases by the mission difficulty (except mission medals).

    -Where do I get hunting missions?
    Go Prontera 177 190.


    Inside the building take the right portal and talk to Julian.

    The missions are divided into three difficulties:

    To complete the mission, you will be asked to hunt a certain amount of monsters.
    The kill count starts on 50 in your first mission, and decrease by 1 every mission you complete.

    When your kill count reach "35" (approx), Medium missions starts to appear. And the High ones at "25" (aprox).
    When you finish your last mission (kill count 6), missions starts over.

    The strategy is simple, finish each mission fast as possible.

    For do missions my preferred class is the Sniper. But you can do it with your favorite.
    My build is a generic aspd Sniper.

    Obviously, you will find missions that your class can't do. And others that are very time consuming. And is here where the srtategy is.

    (I will be updating the lists, you can leave names in comments too for adding it later)

    Next, I will leave a list of time-consuming monsters. The best strategy is: Kill those enemies first and wait for respawn while killing the rest.
    -Venomous: Only 10 monsters in one single location and 5 mins respawn.

    Next, I will leave a list of Hard to find monsters. The best strategy is: Reroll if are to much time-consuming or your build can't do.
    -Dimik: The problem with the Dimik is that there are different Dimik of different elements. And each of them has a different ID. And the mission asks you to hunt a specific ID.
    -Venatu: same as Dimik, each Venatu can have a diferent ID.

    Next, I will leave a list of Hard to hunt monsters. The best strategy is: Reroll if your build can't do.
    -Every Bio3 Monster.

    Leaving missions.
    Every time you want to leave a mission, you have to pay a fee.

    The fee depends of the mission difficulty. Higher the mission, higher the fee.
    example: leaving a high mission
    The fee is approx the half of the rewards of a mission.
    Do not be afraid to abandon a mission, you are not losing rewards, you are saving time and effort.

    -Mission Rewards.
    You can talk to Qi'ra (Julians wife :foxfriend:) and she can exchange Monster vouchers, Mission Points and Mission Medals for some rewards.

    5 Mission Points for some consumables items.
    105 Monster vouchers for some hats (for costume)
    And the big ones, some very powerful items for your Mission Medals.

    And finally, being the best hunter has its rewards.

    so if you don't know what to invest your time, you are bored and there is no active BG, go hunting.
    and I apologize for any misspelling, it is not my first language. Any correction let me know.

    have a happy hunt!
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  2. Mark

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    Great guide! thanks for your work
  3. Pyre

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    The only monster I find extremely hard to kill is Katrinn... she's extremely powerful and won't die to Asura Strike.
    All the others you can kill as whatever class you are, or party a Champion and kill them by Asura Strike.

    For Katrinn, you need to clean out the entrance of Biolabs 3, find a Katrinn, bring her as close as you can to a safe area, try and Blade Stop her, THEN bring a character to kill her while she's defenseless.

    As a caster, probably any targeted spells that does some damage (4k+) will work. If you have Esma or SV-SS, you can spam Ghost attacks. If you're a Sniper, EZPZ with Immaterial Arrows. If you're melee, just hope you have enough damage to down her while she's paralyzed, or bring a third party member to do it for you.

    Literally every other monster is easily killable by Sniper, Melee or Asura.
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    Solution: make another acc that have a ws strong enough to kill her in 2 sec. No lure needed
  5. Anhell

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    yeah, you can also one shot kats with a sonic blow, but need some gear.
  6. its pretty ez to kill for a cross on perfect hide and element katar
  7. Pyre

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    Good considerations! I was only thinking with 2 chars (your mission char and a Champ), but you can obviously have other strikers, such as those you mentioned, or even a Sniper.
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