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    Missions have incredible potential, but they need to be more entertaining and versatile. Here are some suggestions on how that might be possible

    A) Make it more versatile

    Let's be honest. Nobody is keen on hunting 40 Hornets for the 25th time. Give players options like easy, medium or difficult. Those tiers have different difficulties (obviously) and should give respectively different rewards. It could look like this:

    • easy: Hornets, Poporings, Wolfs, Hydras, Mandragoras, etc. / 1x rewards
    • medium: Raydrics, Wanderer, Penomena, High Orc, Stings, Acidus, etc. / 2-4x rewards (random)
    • difficult: Tatacho, Centipede, Abysmal Knights, Bio3 normal monsters, etc. / 5-10x rewards (random)


    B) Make it less time consuming

    Right now you need 400 Missions to get a CK. This is the most expensive reward so we use it as a reference. Say if you're really up tp it you can do 12 missions per day, if you do not do anything else (and possibly have a job). That means if you keep it up, you will have your CK in about 38 days.

    How about a Mission gives 8-15 points, instead of 1, but has a daily cooldown. Or maybe 5 points with a limit of 3 missions per day. That way you can still farm your way to the good stuff, but you could actually also play the game *-*

    Due to the cooldown it would not flood the server with High End equips.

    Of course my calculations are only examples. Someone would have to do some more math on that.

    The way it is now, is just taking the fun out of it, because it says "kill 50k monsters a novice could kill and get high end gear"

    Feedback welcome
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    Has anybody played Eternal M? They have a daily mission board that has 10 missions on a cooldown you can only do 10 missions every 12 hours. They have decent rewards and I think its adoptable if possible. There is also an NPC that does "Monster Resistance" which gives boosted xp for killing any sort of mob for a set amount of XP (example. 10M xp) but we can adopt that instead of any mob and static boosted XP we can do a specific mob with a specific reward depending on the mob.

    There are also "Rift" missions where you traverse into a field or dungeon and there are minievents where you group up with someone and kill an influx of random mobs with rewards for completion.

    Just a few adaptations I ca think of.
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    RO already has that and it's called devils square
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    I agree with the time it takes to complete it. It's just simply not worth it. You can make that amount of gold and exp in under 1/4th of the time it would take to do the quest or maybe even less.
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    Where do you go for that?
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    Just wanted to let it be known that "missions" is a way to play the game. I joined mostly to do that, and I don't want to make others things my main reason to play... so if this gets limited to a few per day, I'd be sad.

    Also, if you're going to change something, please don't touch the hunting scoreboards LOL
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