Reject Implementation of Dewata Island

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugreports' started by Riviere, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. Riviere

    Riviere Member

    Greetings, staff of ArsRO.

    I'm here to ask you to implement Dewata Island in the server, but with Renewal mechanics. I mean, Leak with his renewal skills, and mob with renewal stats. It is not a game breaking place for training and farm. Maybe a little nerf to the Leak? haha.
    Dewata Dungeon could be omitted due to the high gear that can be obtained there.

    I know this is a problematic suggestion, but consider it please =) so far, I'm loving this server.

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  2. Pyre

    Pyre Active Member

    Before posting here, I looked up the stuff from Dewata and, save for a couple cards, it seems like a solid idea. Nothing that I saw was broken, neither the mobs nor the gear they drop. The little bird card is a bit too good and the Leak's card, well, it's a boss card.

    Would be cool to have a few more mobs in our Hunting Missions :D
  3. Akasha

    Akasha Member

    Agreed. Even with that Boss Card.


    I like those mobs over yonder in Dewata. The swamp cries out for their blood. Please implement.
  5. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    I'm sorry, there are some problems with the implementation of dewata episode to our server, we can't do this for technical reasons. After resolving these issues maybe after some time we will be able to implement the suggestion. But to be honest, it can take many months for solving queue of technical issues which lock us to do your suggestion, so for avoiding "infinite ETA", I will say - no, we will not implement this... Sorry...
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