Answered In case anyone wonders why server seems inactive...

Discussion in 'Discussions and Questions' started by Silpois, Apr 15, 2019.

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  1. Silpois

    Silpois Well-Known Member

    I submitted a support ticket and this is what I got back from the GM:

    Hello! Thank you for your question.
    Current server status is undefined.
    We are not going to close it.
    We are going to introduce a major update and attract a lot of players to this project ASAP.

    But why no update for so long time?
    Because, unfortunately, I was hospitalized due to my health condition and so far I have no opportunity to return to project development yet. As soon as I am released from the hospital, I will be able to complete a major update that will affect all areas of the game.

    What exactly will be done:
    1. Absolutely all spheres of the game will be improved (PVP, BG, WoE)
    2. Gifts/freebies will be added to new players and guild packs to attract big guilds to our project.
    3. In addition, we will launch an advertising campaign (but this is only since 01 May 2019) to attract new players.
    4. Immediately on the update day (I cannot name a specific date when the update will happen, but soon) we will launch an advertising campaign for the players who previously played with us, to attract their attention and return back them to the game.

    We believe that our project after some changes and improvements can revive again and bring a lot of players, but for this, I need to be returned back from the hospital to home, because I cannot work in the hospital both for health reasons and because that constantly distract me by 3rd party people and things.

    Please be patient and allow for the GM's recovery!
  2. Toph

    Toph Member

    That's good to know :)

    I like the server
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  3. Anhell

    Anhell Well-Known Member

    take care. i want to come back too.
  4. Toph

    Toph Member

    I had to stop playing due to work and personal commitments, but I have started playing again some. Just got my priest to HP today. The PVE is still fine on the server so I am happy with that. When I look at back servers I used to play a lot in the past (TalonRO) for example. You can buy yourself a lord kaho hat to +20 all stats etc. And buy any MVP card etc. Pay to win there was boring.

    I like to try to support this server with donations when I can. Going to donate some more USD in the near future ^^
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  5. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    I'm here guys and working right now on the update and a plan and do actions for reviving the project.
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