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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugreports' started by Bravean, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. Bravean

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    Greetings, recently I decided to make a creator for fun and I wonder if the amount of loyalty that goes up when fed could be increased or if the server has some method to maximize homunculus loyalty.

    The question is because I consider that maximizing a homunculus is too slow for the server rate.
    For example: the homunculus increases 3 points if it feeds in a hungry state (15-25) and increases 10 hunger points equivalent to 10 minutes. So in 1 hour the homunculus would only rise 18 points.
    To raise the homunculus to 900+ points, a minimum of 50 hours is required; and so that when reborn we will take 50+ hours again.

    And I understand that some might say that it is not much time, but taking into account that it is a mid-rate I think it is too slow.
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  2. Barbe

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    I agree with him in every respect​
  3. Lucky

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    Hi @Bravean as far as I remember, we already since the beginning have increased rates for pets and homunculus.
    As far as I remember you can check it via @hominfo or @petinfo.

    What about your suggestion, I can't understand yet, what time you expect to spend from making a new homunculus to feed it to be loyal with Evo?
  4. Bravean

    Bravean New Member

    Greetings @Lucky, I know that there is currently an increase, if I am correct it is 5x.

    What I propose is that at least this increase is doubled. (if it triples much better xD)

    Having the 10x, you can upload a homunculus to evo and with 900 loyalty points playing 4 hours a day for 2 weeks.

    Given that a reborn character can be 99/70 in a few hours, I consider that climbing to a homunculus should not be as slow as it is now.
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