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    In this topic, we would like to briefly introduce you to the major details of our project, details of the various features of our server are available through links below.

    Basic Information
    • Episode: 13.3 Encounter with the Unknown + Brasilis
    • Max Level/Job: 99/70 (pre-renewal)
    • Base Rates: 150x
    • Drop Rates: 50x; Normal Cards Drop: 1%
    • MVP Drop Rates: 10x; MVP Cards Drop: 0.01%
    • Server Location: EU (good latency to SEA, and Europe and North America); Server Time: London
    • Main Language: English (but it's an international server)
    • Max ASPD: 190; Instant Cast: 150 Dex; Guild Capacity: 26;
    • We are open to proposals for WoE II times, and settings (w/o guild packs)
    • Custom Protection and custom agile skill delays + client-side grf protection.
    • We have nerfed zeny on the server (for balance purposes)
    • Maximum open windows: 4 (21.07.2019)
    • Server Key feature: Full ready Doram Class (storyline, skills, mechanics)

    List of server features:
    Besides standard content related to the episode of the server, we offer a wide range of entertainment, systems, features, missions, battles, hunting, and so on. Here's a short list of what's on our server. But in the game, you can find a lot of additional features not described here.

    Commands (short detail):
    • autotrade, me, iteminfo, voteleader, joinbg, rates, ignore, spb, packetfilter,
    • noeffects, show, stats, time, channel, go, aloot, reject, duel, accept, whereis,
    • whodrops, who, security, showzeny, whosell, whosell2, jailtime, commands,
    • restock, refresh, autorefresh, partyexp, show, emotion, heart, dance,
    • battleinfo, reportafk, mission, myinfo, lgp, square, displaydrop and so on (we will update the list with time)
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