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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugreports' started by CodeR3, Dec 21, 2019.

  1. CodeR3

    CodeR3 Member

    make it broadcastable if someone is going-in to any pvp room and the items below .5 drop rate too so its gonna make us boost to farm more if our name's gonna broadcast and to make the others to do anything.

    thanks in Advance
    ALL HAIL Ars Ragnarok Online and more players to come like me! im new btw! more power!
  2. Miyuki

    Miyuki Administrator

    About broadcast on rare items, some players don't want to do it, they said it's their privacy concern.
    And about the PVP room, at first we have it, but turned it off because some players annoyed by repeated announcements.
    So for now we won't apply them.
    If you have another suggestion feel free to post again
  3. CodeR3

    CodeR3 Member

    its not just to broadcast! but to notify the players or new players that there is still active players who farm and do anything
    and i think it will works to gain more players to come!
  4. CodeR3

    CodeR3 Member

    i dont think about thier concern for rare items is for the security! who will attempt to do that if we just have barely players?
    make it happens coz i believe it will work! try it for a year if it is not gonna work out you are free to remove it just make it happen and lets see if it will work. for the server sake. just want to help the server you know.
  5. CodeR3

    CodeR3 Member

    about going in to pvp just broadcast it in every town not in field and dungeon. and if it will be broadcast dont make it by their names just make it like “someone is on pvp” something like that coz i want to have fun in pvp and testing my gears and to make pvp room “same field as woe i supposed” useful.just to notify the player.