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Discussion in 'Discussions and Questions' started by Largo, Nov 1, 2019.

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  1. Largo

    Largo Member

    Hi Lucky,

    first of all thank you for the fast change for the MVP teleports. I really dont wanna start a drama or anything like that but the reply in your last post

    > players: remove teleport on maps with MVPs x10000 messages
    > Lucky: no we have rules related to MVP competition
    > players: remove fix fix fix, it will help the server
    > Lucky: Okay, I won't, but I will do in the update 10
    > players: you just killed the server.
    > Lucky:….

    made me really mad because the players told you only to maybe remove the teleport for WOUNDED MORROC if you cant punish the players ingame for their griefing, teleporting on purpose etc.. We never told you to remove it for all MVPs because everyone with at least a bit of game knowledge knows that this change kills the fun of pvm in this game. So that the players were mad about the change you did was clearly your fault and not the players fault.

    Also sometimes i have the feeling you get upset pretty fast from some basic suggestions or complains in this forum and reply to it in a really stupid (mad) way (i dont talk about posts that are written from players in a bad manner of course).

    So maybe you should try to calm down a bit before you post something like that because we all are adults and no 10 year old kids anymore. I mean i can talk only about myself but this kind of replys pisses me off so hard because there are so disrespectful its not funny anymore.

    Yes you are the server owner and all that but talking in a polite way to your players is common sense for me. I mean we even tell you about problems as fast as possible so it cant get abused like stupid. At least that should show you that we care about this server and also about the work you do here.

    So next time please think a moment before writing.



    PS: If anyone replys to that thread pls do it in a polite way so we dont have a shitshow here with rages etc... thanks.
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  2. Barbe

    Barbe Member

    I totally agree on all the points that Largo said.​
  3. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    I'm agree too. Sorry! :foxcry:
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