NInja Skill BG/PVP/WOE

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  1. xgamers16

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    Hi, can you implement some skills on Ninja in BG/WOE/PVP... I know cicada is OP in that matter and i agree that "cicada skin" must not be change, but can you guys not include Shadow Slash and JUMP you basically its basically the combo to deal damage while having survivality.... Throwing dagger or Magical is really low damage and it wont make a threat anyway.... Please change some of the skill acting the way it is
  2. Lucky

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    waiting for extra feedback.
  3. xgamers16

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    well im the only ninja that is always on so waiting feedback on it is kinda bit redundant..... Nobody main ninja except me.....
  4. Lahkesis

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    I agree with this suggestion, stopping them from hopping to another place and another puts them to easy target as the ninjas are meant to be slick and high mobility to get a kill.

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