Plans for the next update

Discussion in 'News' started by Lucky, Jul 21, 2019.

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  1. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    The next week we will try to prepare a new update.
    We do not know yet when it will be fully ready, but we will try our best to release it on Saturday or Sunday.
  2. Silpois

    Silpois Well-Known Member

    Amazing. thank you for all your hard work with this. The server is already starting to be pretty solid. We need to bring more users in
  3. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Because in this update we will fix some systems and features which took a lot of time, we must postpone the release of this update for a while, which is not yet determined but will be applied soon.
  4. Username

    Username Member

    new in this game... i like it so far. the best pre renewal 99/70 for me and i plan to stay long term. there are a few solid, active players already so i am looking forward for the growth of this server! getting players in would be nice, very common way was vote for points so the server gets noticed. but who knows? haha. thanks for your work! also, do a x2 or x3 on donation points once in a while and let me know when! <3
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  5. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Monday morning will be released the update. Right now I just arrived in a place with stable internet and everything else and will finish it asap. Sorry for the delay.
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  6. High Valkirye

    High Valkirye Member

    Ahhh how i miss the feeling playing at your sv. Keep up the good work. I really hope your server become pupular someday.

    Sr for bad english as always XD!
  7. Lahkesis

    Lahkesis Active Member

    Looking forward to this update!! Thanks, Lucky!
  8. John14

    John14 New Member

    I play all day the server has a potential Event BG PVP Instance event .
    -Who's for Stream here ?;)
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