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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugreports' started by rrtr, Feb 18, 2019.

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  1. rrtr

    rrtr Active Member

    I think Hunting missions should be changed.

    there are so much rewards per mission: Zeny, BG medals, monster voucher and mission points.
    That discourage people to do different things like BGs, bcuz you can get everything in hunting missions.

    My suggestion is: limit the number of missions that can be done per day and/or reduce rewards from hunting missions and remove BG medals of rewards. I think BG medals should get only on BG or events.

    And about BG: We need things that encourage people to do BG. for example, rewards for winning bg "X" times, prizes for the best ranked of each class and chance to give some reward for the winning team after every bg.


    I think BG is one of most important things for bring more players on a Pre-re server.
    Everyone (specially guilds) who join the server and see that theres no bg for like 2/3 days will probably think the server is dead
  2. Anhell

    Anhell Well-Known Member

    the amount of BG medalls per mission is low.
    you do a mission every 20-30 mins aprox.
    and the other rewards... one of them for consus and the other one for costume items.
    "BG needs things that encourage people" i'm agree. but killing hunting missions is not the way.
  3. rrtr

    rrtr Active Member

    I dont think lowering the rewards a bit gonna kill the hunting missions, now you can make tons of zeny, farm stuffs, vouchers for quests/visuals, earn bg medals and get highend(some that can be even dropped from mobs like elemental armors) itens by just killing weak/average mobs lol.
    And one of things that could encourage players to play bg is making BG medal only obtainable via BG
  4. Ernie

    Ernie Well-Known Member


    1. Bg medals arent tradeable, neither mats , most of the ppl have separate accnts for pvm/Woe bg , so theres no direct impact there .

    2. Bg is broken , no one plays because of that and the quality of players, is that simple.

    3. Hunting missions rewards are ok based of the slow grid it would take you to get example Ck, variants, we are talking of 100+ missions , thats like alot.
    - zenny is way easy to make here, theres a guide on that , you can make 1 mill every 15 mnts , so the zenny rewars is not that great.
    - vouchers , you can buy only costumes with that , not a game breaking.

    - points for pvm mats , ? lets be real who use them ...

    Conclusion, let it at it is, just fix BG, forcing ppl to do 1 thing isnt the answer.
    Some of us like pvm some like Bg/Woe you cant force the pvm ppl to do bg/WEp, theres has to be a balance.
    Right now hunting missions are faster , yes, because BG dsnt run , but if it did it would be better that hunting missions.
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  5. rrtr

    rrtr Active Member

    I think "the balance" is to play bg to get something that is supposed to get only via pvp(BG), and not killing weak mobs to get almost everything that matter on the server lol.
    But I get it, most people just like to pvm(even on a mid rate lol).

    Lucky already annouced that Woe/BG/hunting missions(i expect a nerf) will be changed on next update, so i will be waiting for it.
  6. Anhell

    Anhell Well-Known Member

    I personally like PvP and PvM alike.
    Although I miss the BG a lot.
    I have my Paladin quite well equipped and the only thing I do with him is to make an appearance in prontera (LF guild btw).
    But the point of comparison between the BG and the hunting missions is the "consumption of time", or at least that is how I see it. With the BG dead the only way to get medals is to do missions.
    also for a new player, who has no equipment (or character) to go to BG, or who simply does not like or prefer to play alone as a hermit, missions will always be an option.
    And on the other hand, something negative of the BG, at least when I played, is that one of the teams was full of DL's or the teams were totally unbalanced. I do not know if the distribution is completely random or there is some algorithm working somewhere (I guess not).
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  7. Oke so 1st they begging ppl to bg then they insult ppl to bg, now they want to kill the PvM side of the sv just so ppl have to play BG. What next? If u dont join bg once a day u will be move to jail?
    Like srsly 400 Hm for CK, 200 for Drob. It take much much much greater effort than killing Shecil, WM or even farm zeny for it. Do u see PvM player come crying about those number? All i see is bunch of lazy ppl crying.
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  8. xSovietic

    xSovietic Member

    Soldier 1st Class,

    1 - PvM players that grind for CK by hunting missions, are solo players. They won't matter to online server because soon they will leave, they play alone, killing Shecil as guild gives more effort as to server online (because full guild is online) as to multiplayer gaming.

    2 - PvM players don't cry because they play alone, as I said, they don't have to who they cry.

    3 - If you think I'm insulting with previous points, seems like you are a PvM player, because I'm not.

    4 - Made an account just to upvote that Hunting Misisons need worse rewards, don't give Badges and nerf them, make some harder mobs. BUT, might give more Zeny, give some ArsCoins, or make some specialized costumes for hunting missions.
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  9. As a PvM player i had finished 400 HQ (which take about 20-30 days) and finally got my hand on CK cant wait to try it on vanbek HooYay and now I can finally quit this server after a lot of time and effort put to it. Why didnt i make an account on supper high rate sv and got it on day 1 instead what a stupid me.
    Sr for bad word but what u wrote are just pure dumb. PvM players dont do anything to PvP/Bg side so why can u guys leave us alone im begging you
  10. xSovietic

    xSovietic Member

    What you want me to say to you? Congratulations? Fine, CONGRATULATIONS DUDE, for farming CK, nearly the hardest to make and get Weapon in Ragnarok Online, just by hunting some low health monsters. I don't understand why it is a Hunting Mission reward, honestly, and PvM players say it's not a 'that good weapon' just because seems like they WANT it by hunting newbie monsters… as I said, expect Hunting Missions getting really reworked, nerfed, and so on.

    PvM (or Hunting Mission players, better to say that, because PvM I see more players killing MvPs and so, and Hunting Missions players don't really do that) players play alone, Ragnarok Online seems to be an online game, so why don't play with other players? If you want to kill monsters and be top monster killer, and grinding such low health mobs, in my opinion, just go play Diablo 3! LOL
  11. Are u saying PvM players only do HQ? And who said CK is not a 'that good wp'? why u making things up?
    I do MvP i do Hq i sometime do Bg still mainly MvP, i enjoy soloing. Is it not fair to u that after 400Hq i got a Ck to get a better perfomance in bg? Why dont u do it and stop complaining?
  12. xSovietic

    xSovietic Member

    Check a real quest and try to make Combat Knife on its real quest, I would consider it a Hunting Quest for combat knife, and a real one, not as you made. Many players said in main channel when it was On, that combat knife is not that a good weapon. Better performance in BG? What BG? People go Hunting Quests instead of BG lmao, with same mentality as you, not offending, just saying they prefer solo play.
  13. Hmm so the solution for all this is nerf the HQ(not broken)- the ppl favorite as u said - just for the sake of bg and may reduce the number of player online. Not a great move for business dont u think?
    Why dont ppl join bg? becos (maybe) not atractive enough and Lucky said he working on it so why do u have to bring HQ here?
  14. xSovietic

    xSovietic Member

    Wanna talk about statistics? I must say, if Lucky wasn't a good Admin, since i saw many servers that Admins don't listen to the community, and he is changing, if he wouldn't going to change, with this poor BG and WoE, 80% (including me) would leave.

    I'm here to keep thumbs up and stay on a RO server, learn to PvP and WoE, since the rest I already know more or less. If you say HQ isn't broken, then why you don't play as vanilla and make Combat Knife or kill Shecil? Huh? What happened? Too hard quest for you? Seems like HQ IS broken
  15. 1 - oke u said like u and Bg/Woe player sound like a big deal while PvM players are not? Player are important no matter which side they are!
    2 - im doing CK Q (Not HQ) while doing HQ. i find it ezer than doing 400 HQ so what are u talking about?
    3 - u can leave, nobody care :boku019:
  16. xSovietic

    xSovietic Member

    1- I didn't say they aren't important, but the majority of servers are PvP and WoE players or BG, whatever.

    2- Quest on its Vanilla for CK is harder than HQ.

    3- If you keep being rude, as you said that in your 3rd paragraph, I will trashtalk you as you are doing in this forum.

    4- Everyone matters, Ragnarok Online is a Multiplayer, not SOLO playing game.
  17. Who set the rule RO is not a solo game? U?:boku015:
    Sr but i dont wanna talk to u anymore cos i alr know the type of person and how well educated you are. I make my point here the rest is up to Lucky now.
  18. xSovietic

    xSovietic Member

    Since it's a forum and you use tons of abbreviations, you aren't super educated. What I said in 1, I was talking about population as itself, they play alone, and in 4, I was talking about population as Number (Online Players).

    Yea, leaving this for Lucky. I've shown my point of view.
  19. rrtr

    rrtr Active Member

    True, if ppl who only do hunting missions quit, the only person who will miss them is the hunting npc lol.

    My ideia is to just encourage ppl to do things like bg or try to kill big mvps instead spending 1 month killing weak mobs like bots. :foxani:
    Let's face it: theres no way to arsRO to get a bigger community if the "big thing" of the server is to do hunting missions 24/7, this discourages ppl even to make parties/guilds to just play solo.
    "Why the **** should i try to kill beelzebub and divide the loot if i can kill poring for 2 weeks and get my variants, tons of zenys, visuals, bg medals, and some stuffs"
  20. Ernie

    Ernie Well-Known Member

    You cant force ppl to play Bg, hunting NpC is active, Bg Npc is active , to play Bg you need at least 6 ppl to do hunting missions you need 1, what you think ppl gonna prefer , to do big mvps you need a party to do hunting missions you need 1.

    Since the server started was more for pvm player that are the one that plays solo, WoE took a lot to appear hence the lack of ppl playing BG , with Hunting missions in 1 week you get the badges for decent amount of mats without spending on BG mats with trash players on Bg . Its simple math , cant hate what ppl like to play some like BG some like Hunting missions , here the majority of ppl like Hunting missions , you cant hate that and force them to play other thing.
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