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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugreports' started by Romiste, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Romiste

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    Hey all !

    First of all, thanks for the quick fix regarding mobs teleports.
    It's much appreciated to have somebody who is listening us and my afraid was to wait several weeks/months before having this feature patched so thanks for that, you did a great job.

    Then, my suggestion is about associating some challenges to PvM.
    We can easily see that only 1 guild is currently doing the Woe (soon it will be 2) and after some guilds disbands and people leaves, a lot of people are only playing for PvM right now.

    But in reality, they just do MvPs in order to grab some Vouchers/Coins to use it for summoning other MvPs in their guild rooms (or BBs in DB room) and are getting more and more bored about this "gameplay".
    Just a few people are doing quests or are trying to kill big MvPs on map without summoning them in room.

    The PvP/BG rooms are not full neither ...

    I was thinking about giving to people some challenges and obviously some rewards related to those.

    For example, the Endless/Cellar tower is very hard to do and it's very long, nobody wants to lose its time inside these instances except for "fun".

    If we put some rewards inside for each floor (I don't know what kind of rewards yet, let's discuss about that after), it would be very competitive and challenging.

    Maybe some "special" items that can only purchased by Ars Coin today (Enriched Elu/Ori, Convex,Scrolls, etc for special floors, mixed with classic Ars Coin/Voucher for others) and a leaderboard available with some special auras/costumes for example for the top 5 teams or something like that, it would be awesome !

    In order to put it really competitive, we can also put something like you did in the THQ missions for the 1st of the leaderboard :
    - Prize for the 1st is a bonus of XX% of rewards inside these instances

    It's just an idea, what do you think about it ?
  2. Largo

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    nice idea in my opinion. We want to set up a ET party anyways and that can maybe motivate a lot of other players aswell.

    also i would only put rewards every 5 floors after u defeat the MVP there. For example give a fair amount of MVP Vouchers or Ars Coins depending on the MVPs difficulty.

    Like Golden Thiefbug gives 50 vouchers 30 Ars Coins and Maybe Beelzebub gives 500 Vouchers and 300 Ars Coins (just random numbers) we need to discuss it anyways. Enriched Elus and Oris would be a good reward aswell.

    I hope some more people leave a comment here and also our Admin Lucky :foxbyebye:


  3. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Let's see what we can do. I will notify you about the changes.
  4. This might motivate me enough to play something else than WoE on ArsRO again. :foxyghost:

    ET/EC are then very much like raids in other games.

    I don't know how much work that is but maybe you can display the guild emblem of the party leader that lead the #1 ranked party in ET/EC outside on a special flag.

    Just an idea, since such partys will probably always consist of the core of a guild rather than a collection of random invites.
  5. Romiste

    Romiste New Member

    We've found some new guys motivated by the idea of doing Endless because it's the only thing that we can do in real parties.
    But the cooldown of 7days is very annoying for doing those kind of events.

    Is it possible to reduce the cooldowns from 7 days to 2 or 3 max ? In this case, we could organize more events with more people involved, which means, more activities for the all server.
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