Solved Quest chain to get Dragon Manteau and Bradium Brooch

Discussion in 'Discussions and Questions' started by JimPandama, Oct 20, 2019.

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  1. JimPandama

    JimPandama New Member

    Hi all. I'm trying to obtain Dragon manteau and Bradium brooch through quest since the number of BGs per hour is so low. My question is whether the current quest chain happen to be working on this server?

    Finding a Fairy > Ring of the ancient wise king > Sapha's visit > Doha's secret orders?

    For some reason after completing finding a fairy I'm unable to start "Ring of the ancient wise king". Any thoughts?

  2. Leaf

    Leaf Member

    Quest is working, I did it myself.
    My guess would be that you need to do the access quest for new world to be able to start it.
  3. JimPandama

    JimPandama New Member

    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    I happened to complete "Onward to the new world" seen here Onward to the New World Quest - iRO Wiki

    But I am still unable to start "Ring of the ancient wise king". Which quest chain did you happen to follow?
  4. JimPandama

    JimPandama New Member

    Hello again. Please disregard my last post. I happened to have finally found how to proceed with the quest chain.

    I should be using this wiki Ring of the Wise King - iRO Wiki Classic, I happened to be referring to a wiki that differs greatly in terms of the requirements for this quest.
  5. Leaf

    Leaf Member

    Just a heads up; I was not able to complete the quest "Pursuing Rayan Moore".
    Not sure if it's still bugged but it was when I did it.
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