guild Recruitment: Eternity (WoE, social, international)

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    Eternity was created in 2018. The core consist of 9 active members, who decided to join ArsRO as a new home, after our last server has not reached the population we were hoping for.

    We are an international guild with players all over Europe and a few from North and Middle America. All of us have become friendly even beyond the server we started on. We have the luxury to exist beyond any server and play together anywhere. If that is what you are looking for, keep reading :)

    Socializing is a big part of our guild's DNA, as is helping out, having fun together, simply chatting and of course having more success oriented, competitive goals.

    upload_2019-1-7_23-0-29.png Our primary objective will be WoE, but we regularly do a lot of activities: upload_2019-1-7_23-0-45.png

    • Bloody Branch Parties
    • Farming Rallyes, in case somebody needs a certain item
    • Leeching Parties to 99
    • Hunting Missions
    • Event Parties
    • Casual MVP Parties
    • BG


    upload_2019-1-7_23-0-36.png We might be the right guild for you, if you fulfill the following criteria: upload_2019-1-7_23-0-42.png

    • Basic English language skills
    • planning to play actively on the server, especially during WoE
    • a basic sense of loyalty (no guild hoppers wanted)
    • willingness to be part of a group that supports each other
    • willingness to join our Discord Server (at least for WoE)
    • basic knowledge of RO mechanics (you should at least know where to look stuff up)

    upload_2019-1-7_23-0-38.png Class priority upload_2019-1-7_23-0-40.png

    We advise you to play tha class you enjoy most. We encourage you to be willing to play a certain class if needed in WoE. While this is not a criteria for joining, it will help the guild as a whole and makes you a good match.

    If you’re interested in joining, hit my up here or via our Discord Server:
    Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

    See you around

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    Do you have any WoE vids to share or?
  3. Ernie

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    Where is gonna be your main town peeps ?
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    Hi! Im looking for a guild to pvm, bg, woe. I normally use a sniper, profesor, ws and creator.
  6. Ernie

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    Recruitment is open:

    - Paly
    - Professor
    - HP
    - Linker
    - Spp
    - Support HW

    Everything lol
  7. Sundor

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    Im up if u need old RO player :) Came back after 8y of break !
  8. Batcat

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    join our discord my dudes
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    We actively recruiting for WoE [SE] :

    -------------------------Paying 10 mill per hour-------------------
    [ Can be more zenny depending on the skills ]

    Currently needing:

    - Spp
    - Devo
    -HW [ dps/ support ]

    -Must be fully equiped/skilled[ or willing to learn]/ Discord ready / With mats.
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  12. Ernie

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    Hi are you still looking for linker or hp?
  14. Ernie

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    Yes , currently playing with another guild ,come @go11.