Solved Saturday 13 2019 planned update

Discussion in 'News' started by Lucky, Jul 7, 2019.

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  1. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Hello, on Saturday we will apply the update to the game server.
    And also change the location of the hosting, and will try to eliminate the lags on the server.
  2. Silpois

    Silpois Well-Known Member

    amazing! @Lucky I'm not sure if this is a possibility before the update, but it would be incredible if guild members (not just the guild master) are able to use the NPC to summon MVPs in the guild base. It's always annoying for them to have to depend on me to be online and summon MVPs for them, when they are actually able to donate the vouchers themselves.
  3. Folkien

    Folkien Member

    Thats awesome!
    Would it be a specific time for the update?
    before or after woe on saturday? if before, would it be some kind of compensation for the castle rewards?
    Is there a list of updates so we can know whats comming?

    thnx very much

  4. xSovietic

    xSovietic Member

    Glad to hear that! Any specific hours to apply the update?

  5. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Plans not changed, the update in progress.
    I will notify 1 hour before implementing the update to the game server.
    Right now working on the migration part.
  6. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    12 hours of nonstop actions for an upgrade behind, not a long time left before the release.
  7. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    19:00 London Time we will start implementing the update to the game server.
    The game server will be offline for several minutes.
  8. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Merge process started. Some player might occur problems with connection to the game server until the update will implemented.
  9. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Right now we have maintenance. Please do not try to log in until we will post details about the server update on the forum.
  10. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Working right now on repacked versions of full and lite game clients and will start to upload them soon.
  11. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    The server is up and running fine. Update implemented. The changelog and information about the update we will present soon.
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