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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugreports' started by Rylann, Feb 18, 2019.

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  1. Rylann

    Rylann New Member

    Hi all,

    alot of people struggle to get on the PC to play during the day due to travelling, work, school, etc.
    I have seen servers with browser-accessible client, allowing to play just via standard internet browsers with limited functions.

    I would love to have this possibility (e.g. some farming while on the train or somewhere without own PC etc.).

    It would allow people to play from time to time even though they are not at home.

    I am technically not aware how it works but I can provide a link to show it (I do not want to advertise here, so please PM in case of interest).

    Thanks for checking!

    Best regards
  2. Lucky

    Lucky Administrator

    Hi Rylann!
    Unfortunately, we cannot do this for several reasons.

    The first reason is technical, which cannot be bypassed at all.
    This reason includes the following limitations:
    - Gepard shield (protection against cheaters, which is bound to the game client and server), and can't be turned off or avoided.
    - Modified and new game client (browser version is outdated, and will not work with our server or client)
    - Packet Encryption (browser version will not be able even to connect to the server)
    - Protected game client files (browser version will not be able to read grfs and files)

    The second reason:
    This is security (suppose everything above not implemented on our server, and we have no game server protection, etc stuff) that will be:
    - Dozens of windows in the browser will be opened using different proxy servers/VPNs which cannot be limited on our part at all, neither by IP or anyhow else. This will lead to a huge wave of bots on the server, and the automation game process by some players.

    We have experience in implementing the browser version of the client in the past, and this is an extremely negative experience.

    Sorry please, but your suggestion we cannot implement.
  3. Rylann

    Rylann New Member

    Hi Lucky,

    thanks for making this clear so quickly and transparent!

    I fully understand your reasons, sounds quite straightforward. Happy to hear that security is very important for you.
    So, a portable PC it is!! :)

    Topic can be closed. Thanks alot.

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