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    Zeny - the main currency of the game world. Many items are more expensive than 10k Zeny - limited in price, and you cannot sell them more than 10k Zeny. This is necessary to maintain liquidity in the long run. You can use Zeny in all areas of the game and for trading between players.


    Cashpoints - currency to buy goods from Cash shop. Cashpoints it's a token of gratitude to those users who make donations. You can obtaine cashpoints from other users who have it, and or by making a donation, or by exchanging Ars Coins for cashpoints.


    MVP and Monster Voucher - the currency you will receive from killing monsters, performing missions, and so on. You can use it in many missions, quests, and is present in the requirements for receiving or exchanging other, more valuable items from different item quests.

    The BG Badges - used by players and MVP or Monster Vouchers in all spheres of the world as an alternative currency. But the main purpose is to buy and sell items intended for Battlegrounds / WoE / PVP. You can get it through participation in various events, and BG.

    Ars Coins - one of the main currencies on the server. The main purpose - exchange Ars Coins to cashpoints with Donation Manager.
    20 Ars Coins = 100 Cashpoints. Also, you need Ars Coins for some quests.


    Where can I get Ars Coins?
    • Hunting Missions (5-30 Ars Coins depends on the difficulty of the Mission) you can do it an infinite amount of times from different characters.
    • From Killing MVP's on their re-spawn maps: MVP and PvE Experience
    • Battlegrounds! Battlegrounds 2.0
    • Automatic Events every hour!
    • Dedicated hosted by GM events (a lot of rewards)
    • Daily Reward System when you back to the game and continue playing.
    • Reporting about bugs or helping to make the server better. Not all bug reports rewarded, a lot of problems we resolve before players report about them. If you will report about something interesting or problematic, we will reward you.
    • Also, you can buy the Ars Coins via Zeny or any other goods from players. Or from vend, or from whatever you want. So please as all rumors: "this is pay2win server" completely have no sense. And we will punish people who will spread fake rumors.

    Other currencies are less significant, but also present.
    The main thing to understand is that all currencies are equal and players can exchange for different other values by the players themselves. This allows you to have access to any content you want - using a variety of ways to gather the currency.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.